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I believe I mentioned I belong to a Yahoo embossing group called Embossing Exchange and every month one person hosts the challenge, chooses a template design; and, sends “embossed pieces” of that design to every member who has signed up for the challenge.  It’s an opportunately to make a card or project using the same piece in several different ways.  This month, our host chose a very old favorite of mine, #S797 Bear.  I’ve loved this bear for years and I remember when I first “used him” to surprise some friends of mine who were coming for lunch.  Here’s what I had sitting at each place setting:

  I purchased a little box at Michaels.  I decorated the outside of the box using L.I. template designs and embossed my little bear … standing him up-right.  Before tieing the ribbon, I put a heart button inside and glued this little poem to the bottom of the box:

“This is such a little gift that you can never see.  The reason it’s so special, it’s just for you from me!  Whenever you are lonely or you feeling blue, you only have to hold this gift and know I’m thinking of you.  You never can open it; please leave the ribbon tied.  Just hold the box close to you, it’s filled with love inside.”

Now while this little bear may long be retired, trust me … there are lots of templates you can use to decorate your box.  Give it a try and then make one for a special friend.  They will love it, I know … mine sure did!  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna

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