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Karie’s Partridge in a Pear Tree, LI Template #L9684.


Good morning everyone.  Actually, it’s the “third day of Christmas” but go with me on this one and pretend it’s the first day because I just have to show off this cute idea from Karie.  She is following the “12 Days of Christmas” song for her card theme and, for example, this one is being sent along with some pear recipes!  How cute is that?  I love it.  Do you have your cards done; finished your shopping yet; wrapped those gifts; and, are ready to go?  Will you hate me if I say, “Mine is all done!”  Hurrah.  🙂  Now I have time to play!  🙂

We have lots of fun ideas coming up and I hope you will tune in often to see what we have in store for you.  I hope you have looked at the new products and have tried some of the new Cut-Outs and Card Expressions.  Here are a couple of samples from Barbara.  She has done a fabulous job and her first one is with the gnome Cut-Out and isn’t he adorable?  Gnomes are everywhere and here at LI is no exception.  Take a look:


Barbara’s Cut-Out Gnome for Christmas.


Barbara’s Christmas Gingerbread Cut-Out.


Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see what’s next from these two very talented girls!  Go to the Home Page and look at the fun new things we have to inspire you and start crafting.  Happy Holidays, 🙂 Donna



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Donna’s Crow, LI Templates #L9370 and Corn Template #L9541.  Card inspiration from Kaye!

Can you smell fall in the air and turkey in your oven yet?  Boy, I sure can and I am looking forward to roasting a turkey and eating all the goodies that go with it.  I’ve got just a few projects to share today before a new release is on its way.  If you have signed up for the L.I. Newsletter, then you know that we are going to have some beautiful new Christmas Papers and wonderful ideas from Kerry coming out soon!  So stay tuned!  In the meantime, here are some great ideas to inspire you:

Barbara’s Fall Card sample using L.I. Template #L9418.  I love these fall colors.
Karie’s Shutter Card Front, using L.I. Templates #L906 and #L9263.  Beautiful.
Karie’s Shutter Card opened, using L.I. Templates #L906 and L9263, This is a work of art and very time consuming.  Great job, Karie!
Barbara’s second FALL Card, using L.I. Template #L9418.  A simple change of papers sure makes a difference, doesn’t it?  I love this one!  Here’s an older card from Barbara that I have long admired:
Barbara’s Give Thanks, L.I. Template #L9760  And here is an older one I did last year for Fall that I have made over and over again:
Donna’s Fall, L.I. Template #L9677.
Kerry’s Pujmpkin Spice Card Kit, L.I. Template #L9542 and Card Expressions #26.  If you don’t have this template, please look for this great Card Kit on the Home Page and purchase one while they last!  Here’s another Card Kit you might enjoy.  I love it and the layout is quick and simple:
Kerry’s Hello Fall Card Kit. L.I. Template #L9542 and Card Expressions #26.

Karen Harper has been a long time friend of mine and great embosser.  She just sent me these two fun projects she has done for Thanksgiving and, of course, I have to add them to this blog because they are all about the turkey!

Karen’s Tin with L.I. Template #L9151 and Colored Impressions’ Software.
Karen’s Placecard sample using L.I. Template #L9236 and Colored Impressions’ Softward.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Gobble Gobble.  🙂  Donna


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Barbara’s Trick-or-Treaters, LI Templates #L9318 and S545.


Good evening one and all.  Have I told you how much I love Halloween?  I love watching the little kids come trick-or-treating!  However, for the last 30 years we have had not one single trick-or-treater come to our door … not one!  We have a very long, very dark driveway some 300 feet from the street and it’s a horrible climb!  Ugh  So, in sharing a holiday that I dearly love, here are a few ideas from Barbara, Kaye, and Karie:


Barbara’s Bat, LI Template #L9619, plus Card Expressions #26 and Card Cut Outs.


Barbara’s Ghost, LI Templates #L9043, L9215 and L9757.


Barbara’s Creepy Crawly, LI Templates #L9419, L9671, M14, and M15.


Kaye’s Card Kit, LI Templates #L529, L9267 and Card Expressions #26.


Karie’s Halloween Gnome, LI Template #L9826 and Card Expressions #26.


Boo-To-You from all of us at Lasting Impressions.  🙂  Donna



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Good morning everyone.  A couple of blogs ago I mentioned Kaye’s wonderful Explosion Box and in case you missed that box, here it is:


Kaye’s Explosion Box Kit.  Mine is slightly different on the outside but basically the same inside:
Donna’s Version of Kaye’s Explosion Box Kit.


Donna’s Version of Kaye’s Explosion Box Kit Inside.


I have two reasons for mentioning this Explosion Kit once again.  First, it’s a fabulous design and there are a few left to buy.  Go get one!  Very easy to follow.  Secondly, the Kit comes with the Explosion Box Template to make more using maybe a Halloween theme, a Christmas theme, hey how about Easter?  I can see bunnies hopping all over this project.  Kaye’s Box inspired me to update my Halloween Explosion Box of many years ago!  I’m posting it here in case you missed it before but let me admit one thing … after seeing Karie’s amazing card fold, I told her she made mincemeat out of my Box!  LOL  Here’s a peek at mine (again!):


Donna’s Halloween Explosion Box Top.  


Donna’s Halloween Explosion Box Sides (4).  


Donna’s Halloween Explosion Box Inside First Layer.  This is what you see when you open the box.  There are two “hidden” layers!


Donna’s Halloween Explosion Box, Layer 2 Candy Corn.  


Donna’s Halloween Explosion Box, Layer 2 Witches’ Brew.  


Donna’s Halloween Explosion Box, Layer 2 Meow Cat.  


Donna’s Halloween Explosion Box, Layer 2 RIP.  


Donna’s Halloween Explosion Box, Layer 3 Bat Tag “Trick or Treat.”


Donna’s Halloween Explosion Box, Layer 3 Haunted House.  


Donna’s Halloween Explosion Box, Layer 3 Witch.  


Donna’s Halloween Explosion Box, Layer 3 Ghost and Pumpkin.


And there you have it.  All 3 layers held together by the lid.  The first layer is 12 x 12″ and the second layer is 10 x 10″.  I did NOT make several of these BUT I did teach a class!  If you are wondering where that 3 layer is, it is underneath on the backside of layer 2.  Some images I printed directly from our Colored Impressions’ Software and all are embossed.  Next up … some wonderful ideas from Barbara so stay tune!  Embossing Joys, 🙂  Donna


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Good evening everyone.  Please join me in welcoming Karie to our Blog.  She has amazed us with a wonderful project that I just have to share with you.  Karie calls it her Halloween Card Fold Card and here’s the template:

Karie says she leaves one side of square “D” decorated for the front cover of her card and one side of square “C” for an individual message and signature.  Here is a sample of how the inside of her card looked:

On the reverse side, she added these additional images, plus a blank square:



The “Witches poem is on the front cover and tied with an orange ribbon.  Quite a project, huh?  Karie said she worked for days and made several.  Thank you so much for sharing this amazing card with us, Karie.  Here are the template numbers for the images Karie used:

  • L9424 – Frankie
  • L9532 – Skelly
  • L9319 – Mummy
  • L9067 – Scarecrow
  • L9415 – RIP
  • S456 – Ghost
  • L9542 – Jack-O-Lantern
  • L9421 – Witch
  • L9339 – Caldron/Potion
  • L9317 – Flying Bat
  • L9669 – Spider & Web

Now pick up a stylus, templates and paper, and make some Ghosts and Goblins!  We would love to see what you do.  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna


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Good afternoon everyone!  I am so behind and Christmas is creeping up on me and speaking of “creeping,” stay tuned for some “creepy” and fall cards and projects coming soon.  In the meantime, however, I wanted to post some ideas from our viewers who participated in our Camp-Emboss-A-Lot.  Oh my goodness, wasn’t that fun and have you noticed that Kerry has continued with her video classes on our home page?  Check it out and here’s some darling projects and a big THANK YOU for all of you who participated in Camp-Emboss-A-Lot.  Happy Embossing, 🙂  Donna

Sharon’s Camp Gnome Sweet Gnome
Tami’s Camp Christmas Gnome
Tessa’s Camp Bee Happy
Sharon’s Camp Let it Snow
Marian’s Camp Christmas Gnome
Sharon’s Camp Tiki Feathers
Tessa’s Camp S’mores
Sharon’s Camp Sandals
Sharon’s Camp Tiki Flowers
Tessa’s Camp Beehive
Tessa’s Camp Bucky
Tessa’s Camp Ladybug & Bee
Sharon’s Camp Flowers
Tessa’s camp Tiki Thanks Flower
Tessa’s Camp Merry Christmas
Sharon’s Camp Bucky
Donna’s Camp Flowers with new Coconut Template
Sharon’s Camp Bee Candy
Tessa’s Camp Tiki
Tessa’s Camp Tiki Tags
Sharon’s Camp ladybug
Tessa’s Camp Tiki Flowers
Tessa’s Camp Bee
Sharon’s Camp Tags
Tessa’s Camp Bee Jars



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Good afternoon everyone.  Donna here once again.  I hope you all had the opportunity to see Kaye’s Explosion Box.  Perhaps you ordered a kit so you can make one too!  Well, I can tell you, from personal experience, those Explosion Boxes can be lots of fun and I’ve made several!  🙂  Most recently I made one for Kaye to share at LI using the Busy Bee Paper Collection.  With Kaye’s box you will get the pattern to make more boxes and why not give mine a try or design your own.  Here are photos and a list of supplies that I used.  Have fun and get beezy!  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna

Donna’s Bee Explosion Box – Front View.
Donna’s Bee Explosion Box – Side View.

Donna’s Bee Explosion Box – Back View.

Donna’s Bee Explosion Box – Side View.

Donna’s Bee Explosion Box – Inside.

Here are the supplies I used to make my Bee Explosion Box:

TEMPLATES:  L9369 Bee, S750 Bee, L9827 Beehive, L9111 Flower, S682 Shovel, S683 Rake

CARDSTOCK:  Bee Keeper, Honeycomb Yellow Daisies Dark, Honeycomb Leafy Green Dark, Honeycomb Inch Worm Dark, Honeycomb Forest Floor Dark, In The Garden Small, Rusty Bucket, Blackbird Solid, Powder Sugar, and Vellum.

CARD EXPRESSIONS 16, 17, and 18

IN THE GARDEN TAGS, LI Buttons, Baker’s Twine, Tim Holtz Distress Antique Linen Ink, White and Black Scribbles Fabric Paint, and black and white pens for “faux stitching.”


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Good morning everyone.  Donna here with some fun ideas.  Perhaps you saw Kerry’s latest video for “Make-Over-Monday” in which she showed how to use a simple Sketch to make an adorable card layout!  Kerry used an older template, LI #L9572, and was inspired to use a flower from that template that Kaye made.  So, let’s first look at the card that was the inspiration for Kaye’s flower.  If you have LI Idea Book 35, you will find it on Page 6.  Here is the original card idea designed so many years ago:

Unfortunately, while the layout is wonderful, the papers are no longer available but, THE GOOD NEWS … the template is and we have some great ideas we would like to share with you!  First, here is a beautiful card from Kaye:

Kaye’s Make-Over Card, LI Template #L9572.  I love Kaye’s layout and the beautiful new papers from the “Splash” line that she used.  Great job Kaye.  And here’s the Doodle Tag she made, again using that same template:
Kaye’s Doodle Tag, LI Template #L9572.  Adorable!  And here are two samples from Barbara:
Barbara’s Make-Over Card, LI Template #L9572.  New papers, new color, new design … what’s not to love?  And here’s another sample:
Barbara’s Make-Over2 Card, LI Template #L9572.  Great job, Barbara, and here are my three cards:
Donna’s Make-Over Card, LI Template #L9572.  I have a feeling I may make several of this one because look how cute the Doodle Tag looks on front of the card and I used a Card Expression for the Happy birthday. There are lots of Card Expressions to choose from.  Check them out!  Here’s my second card:
Donna’s Make-Over2 Card. LI Template #L9572.  For some reason, this card reminds me of the beach!  I can smell the ocean breeze!
Donna’s Tag, LI Template #L9572.

I hope you will all check out this really great template, on the Home Page at Lasting Impressions, and make a “Make-Over” card for yourself.  I would love to see what you come up with.  And, don’t wait until “a Monday” to show me!  Happy Embossing, 🙂  Donna


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Good afternoon everyone.  If you have the time, please go to the LI Home Page and look at the adorable Card Kits now available.  These kits will go quickly so make sure you get one soon!

Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna




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Good afternoon everyone.  It’s a beautiful day here in San Diego and I hope it’s lovely where you are also.  Do you have Easter plans?  I know I do and I just hard boiled 3 dozen eggs to decorate on Sunday.  I can hardly wait.  If you are not preparing for Easter yet, or boiling eggs, perhaps you have had a chance to look at the new templates, the card samples, and beautiful papers that have just been released.  Do you have a favorite?  I love the new boots and I can only imagine what might be done with the adorable Llama template.  “Lllma tell you,” I have some ideas.  🙂

We want to wish you all a very Happy Easter, no matter what you are doing, and I shall leave you with these last two truck door hangers from Barbara.  They are incredible!  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


Barbara’s Bunny Truck, LI Templates #L9413, #L9185, #L9740 and #i199.
Barbara’s Bunny Truck2, LI Templates #L9413, #L9186, #L9272, #L9743 and #L9742.