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Donna’s Bunting using LI “From the Heart Kit.”

Good morning everyone.  Are you busy making Valentines?  I sure am and the other day I challenged Kaye, Barbara, and Karie to make a card and/or project using this template:

LI Template #L9270 as it looks on the Colored Impressions Software.

Personally, this was quite a challenge for me but I struggled through and came up with this layout in purple and green:

Donna’s Challenge Card1, LI Template #L9270.

Well, the girls apparently did not have any trouble coming up with some beautiful examples.  Take a look:

Barbara’s Challenge Card1.  LI Template #L9270 and LOVE Senti-Metal.  Great layout with some of the LI’s new papers.
Barbara’s Challenge Card2. LI Template #L9270 and I’m glad there’s you Senti-Metal.  I love the soft color of these papers!
Barbara’s Challenge Card3.  LI Templates #L9270, #L9356 Jar, and sentiment Cut Out.
Kaye’s Challenge Card1.  LI Template #L9270 and Simply Square layout.  I love the way Kaye added an envelope and used Tim Holtz Distress Ink to highlight her images.  She also used a Cut Out sentiment.  Nice job!
Karie’s first card is not actually part of the Challenge but, it’s so pretty I just had to include it. LI Template #L9696.  This is the front of her card and this is the inside:
Karie’s inside.  I love Karie’s layout.  Great job, Karie.
Karie’s Challenge Card1. LI Template #L9270.  Karie made 4 slightly different versions of this card.  She told me to pick and I found that hard to do but, I chose my two favorites. I love the beautiful dark red with the whimsical pink paper.  Here’s the second one:
Karie’s Challenge Card2.  LI Template #L9270.  I’m still lovin’ that red paper!  🙂

Okay, so now I’m feeling bad that I haven’t really tried very hard to use this template in a different way!  The girls have done such a great job.  So, I leave you with these last two attempts and I hope you all are inspired to pick up your stylus and make your own Valentine Cards.  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna

Donna’s Challenge Card2.  LI Template #L9270 and Cut-Outs and sentiment.
Donna’s Challenge3 Door Hanger. LI Templates #L9270 and #L9696 with Cut Out sentiments.


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Donna’s “I Love You” Cut Outs from LI and sentiments.

Good morning everyone.  The older I get (now 74!), the more I realize how very important it is to tell your friends and family members how much you care for them.  I made the sweet and very simple card above using Lasting Impressions’ new Cut Outs.  I really like this new set of Cut Outs and they certainly make creating a beautiful card … easy peasy!   I’m laughing now because I am always telling my classes that a card they are about to make is “easy peasy” and they laugh at me because it looks difficult to them.  Really?   Honestly, these Cut Outs are easy peasy to use!  Here are some cards I made this week and stay tuned for another Blog update on Friday … sort of a “Make-Over Challenge!”

Donna’s “Always & Forever” card using LI Templates #L9627, #L9097, i199 and Cut Out Sentiment.
Donna’s “LOVE” card using LI Template #L9092 and Love Senti-Metal.
Donna’s “Roses are Red” card using LI Templates #L9358, #L9349 and ROSES Senti-Metal.
Donna’s “Happy Birthday” card using LI Templates #L1037, #L9349 and happy birthday Cut Out.
Donna’s Valentine from LI’s  “From the Heart Card Kit.”  LI’s Card Kits are wonderful and so easy to put together.  In this Kit, you create 3 beautiful Valentines.  This is #1.
Donna’s Valentine #2 from LI’s “From the Heart Card Kit.”
Donna’s Valentine #3 from LI’s “From the Heart Card Kit.”

I’d like to leave you with one more idea.  Remember if you own the Colored Impressions Software, you can print the images on your envelopes!  Kaye just finished a class last week using Template #L9697 and if you attended that class (or own this template already), here is an example of how you can decorate your envelope:

It’s “easy peasy!”  Happy embossing, 🙂  Donna.


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Donna’s Love is in the Air. LI Template #L9545 and Colored Impressions Software.

Oh my goodness, not only is “love in the air” but, it has arrived in an abundance at Lasting Impressions.  We have a beautiful release of papers and new Cut Outs that are just gorgeous.  Be sure and take a look under “new products” on the Home Page.  Now then, our Design Team has really outdone themselves.  So much so, I will post my card samples in the next couple of days so I have plenty of room to show you these beautiful cards:

Barbara’s LI Cut Out Hearts and sentiment.
Barbara’s LI Valentine Gnome Cut Outs and sentiment.

Barbara’s Wedding Cake using LI Cut Outs and Template #L516.

Karie’s Just Chillin’ LI Gnome Cut Outs or if you own  the Gnome Template you can emboss!

Karie’s Valentine Fleur using LI Template #L9696.

Karie’s LI Valentine Gnome Cut Outs (again, if you own the template, you can emboss the Gnomes).
Karie’s 2nd Valentine Fleur using LI Template #L9696 and LOVE Senti-Metal.
Kerry’s LI Valentine Cut Out and sentiment.
Kerry’s cute hello tag using LI’s new Cut Outs.
Kerry’s LI XOXO Cut Out Heart and sentiment.
Another beautiful sample from Kerry using the new LI Cut Outs and Template #L9460.

Thank you everyone for your beautiful and inspiring ideas.  We have lots more to come so be sure and check-in again soon.  Until then, happy embossing!  🙂 Donna


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Good morning everyone!  Just when I thought I had had quite enough gnomes for a while, one of LI’s talented customers, Karie, sends me her version of her Christmas Gnome now on vacation after a hard winter!  LOL  I can’t stop laughing.  Take a look:

Karie’s Summer Gnome.  LI Gnome Cut-Out (or Template #L9826) and Surf’s Up Template #L M10.  Notice the Gnome has removed his Christmas Mittens and he’s ready to surf.  So cute, Karie.  Great job!  Here’s a couple more winter ideas from Karie:
Karie’s Flakey Friends. LI Template #L9328.  Brrrrrrrrr this one definitely makes me chilly.  I love the purple scarf and the softness of her card.
Karie’s truckin’ with snow.  LI Templates #L9079 and #L9413.  So funny and adorable!
Karie’s Snowflakes. LI Template #L9328 with glitter background.

Thank you so much Karie for your inspirations!  The silly gnome has to be my favorite!  I’m still laughing and looking forward to any Valentine ideas you might have coming our way.  How about the rest of you viewers?  Are you making LI Valentines?  Kaye’s class is tomorrow night and she will be making these two beautiful cards:

Kaye’s Heart Class. LI Template #L9697.

Until next time.  Happy Embossing, 🙂  Donna


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Donna’s Valentine Gnome

Happy New Year everyone!  And, oh my gosh, the first month of 2020 is nearly gone!  I don’t know about you but, the older I get, the faster time seems to fly by.  And, have you also noticed that gnomes have “sprouted” everywhere?  🙂  I have to laugh because I have never been that fond of gnomes and I’ve never wanted one for my garden!  However, the stand up gnome above is one I made from a wood kit I purchased recently from a very talented crafter, Julie Johnson (Paisleys & Polka Dots). I ended up using LI paper to cover my wood project and I think he turned out so cute!  Last year, Lasting Impressions came out with their adorable gnome template and suddenly I couldn’t get enough of gnomes!  WHAT?  It’s crazy how quickly they become addictive and thank you Julie for the wonderful inspiration above!

As I mentioned, with gnomes everywhere, LI has now made available a couple of Cut-Outs with gnome “pieces” so you can simply cut-out and create your very own gnome!  Here are two very similar gnome cards from LI Design Team Member Barbara:

Barbara’s first gnome.  The XOXO background paper is brand new and available for purchase!  So clever how Barbara used another new paper for the tabs on the side of her gnome and the new sentiment, “There’s Gnome one like you.”

Barbara’s second gnome.

Thank you, Barbara, for your wonderful inspirations!  Please stay tuned, in the weeks to come, because we have some amazing examples I will post before that all important “sweet day.”  And let me remind you that Kaye has a wonderful and inspiring class coming up, using the latest Heart Explosion Kit, on Thursday, January 30th at 6:30 p.m., if you are in the area, or you can buy a kit and some of the beautiful new papers LI just released. Please go to LI’s home page to see this beautiful kit and LI’s new release.

Until next time, happy embossing!  🙂 Donna


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OMG … talk about dragging my feet, Christmas will be here in just 3 more days and thankfully, I am all ready.  I just need to post these final cards and then I can breathe and get ready for my classes in the New Year!  🙂  Here are my ideas using our latest products and a few old templates I used with them!


Donna’s Through the Woods. I used LI Template #L9833, new Cut-Outs, Card Expressions, and new Cardstock.  Bucky the deer was available only for a short time with Kerry’s Emboss-A-Lot Series.  I hope some of you were able to get him.  He’s so cute.  I added my faux stitching, my 3 ink dots, and Tim Holtz Distress Ink around the edges.


Donna’s Merry Christmas Gnome. L.I. Template #L9826, “Chester” was also a template only available for a short time through Kerry’s Emboss-A-Lot Series.  Isn’t he cute?  Gnomes seem to be very popular now so I was happy to see these new Cut-Outs and yep … Chester is one of them!  Again, I used Cut-Outs, Card Expressions, and Cardstock for this card along with my usual faux stitching, 3 ink dots, and LI button.  I originally mounted my images on a Coaster to be used as a gift tag but, as you see, it can also be mounted on an A2 Card.  There’s gnome one quite like Chester!


Donna’s Gingerbread Guy!  L.I. Template #L927.  Okay, okay … who doesn’t like gingerbread?  This little guy was first released several years ago in two template sizes … an “L” version and an “S.”  Both have been long retired so how fun to include them in these new Cut-Outs.  He looks good enough to eat, doesn’t he?  🙂  I used the new Cut-Outs, new Cardstock, Card Expressions, my faux stitching and Christmas Stickles.


Donna’s Reindeer. New Cut-Outs, Cardstock, LI button, Christmas Stickles, and Colored Impressions’ Software.


Donna’s Gnome Sleigh.  I just couldn’t get enough of Chester so I made yet another card using the new Cut-Outs.  I also used LI Template #L9522 for the Sleigh, new Cardstock, Card Expressions, LI Button, my faux stitching and ink dots, and Tim Holtz Distress Ink.  Chester makes a pretty good Santa, don’t you think?  🙂


Donna’s Gingerbread Guy 2.  Last, but certainly not least, I just had to use the Gingerbread Guy again.  Maybe I’m just hungry, I don’t know, but here he is in a cute layout using LI Template #L9433, new Cut-Outs, Card Expressions, LI Buttons, Tim Holtz Distress Ink, and Christmas Stickles.  Whew!


Okay, that’s it from me.  I am wishing you the very best Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  See you next year and until then … Happy Embossing!  🙂 Donna


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Oh my gosh, Christmas truly is just around the corner and I’ve got so much to show you!  I hope you have had a chance to look at Kerry’s two new videos … all about our new release of paper and cut-outs … and just look at these samples from her:

Kerry’s card samples using the brand new Cut-Outs, Cardstock, and Card Expressions.
Kerry’s card samples using Cut-Outs, Cardstock, and Card Expressions.
Kerry’s card samples using new Cut-Outs, Cardstock, and Card Expressions.  These cards are all so adorable.  Watch Kerry’s Video, on the Home Page, and make some!

And there’s lots more!  Here is Barbara’s adorable Penguin card using some of the new Christmas papers and Templates #L9617 and #L9521:

Barbara’s Penguin in a Tea Cup!  Wow, how cute is this?  I love the tiny Christmas Tree she added, the vellum, the star tag, the snowball, and the Merry Christmas Senti-Metal.  It’s perfect!

LI friend Karie continues her “12 Days of Christmas” and confesses it is a slow work-in-progress.  🙂  She did manage to show off three more “days” here:

                                                                    Karie’s Day 2.  Two Turtle Doves, LI Template #L923.

Karie’s Day 3.  Three French Horns, LI Template #S697.
Karie’s Day 4. Calling Birds. LI Template #L9378, along with her explanation of “Calling Birds.” 🙂
Kaye’s Barney Tag using new LI Cardstock and Cut-Outs.

Okay, now don’t go away, stay tuned, because I will upload some of my card ideas tomorrow and then it’s almost Christmas!  Gad, does time fly or what?  Hmmmmmm … I must be having fun.  Sure hope you are too!  Holiday hugs, 🙂  Donna


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Karie’s Partridge in a Pear Tree, LI Template #L9684.


Good morning everyone.  Actually, it’s the “third day of Christmas” but go with me on this one and pretend it’s the first day because I just have to show off this cute idea from Karie.  She is following the “12 Days of Christmas” song for her card theme and, for example, this one is being sent along with some pear recipes!  How cute is that?  I love it.  Do you have your cards done; finished your shopping yet; wrapped those gifts; and, are ready to go?  Will you hate me if I say, “Mine is all done!”  Hurrah.  🙂  Now I have time to play!  🙂

We have lots of fun ideas coming up and I hope you will tune in often to see what we have in store for you.  I hope you have looked at the new products and have tried some of the new Cut-Outs and Card Expressions.  Here are a couple of samples from Barbara.  She has done a fabulous job and her first one is with the gnome Cut-Out and isn’t he adorable?  Gnomes are everywhere and here at LI is no exception.  Take a look:


Barbara’s Cut-Out Gnome for Christmas.


Barbara’s Christmas Gingerbread Cut-Out.


Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see what’s next from these two very talented girls!  Go to the Home Page and look at the fun new things we have to inspire you and start crafting.  Happy Holidays, 🙂 Donna



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Donna’s Crow, LI Templates #L9370 and Corn Template #L9541.  Card inspiration from Kaye!

Can you smell fall in the air and turkey in your oven yet?  Boy, I sure can and I am looking forward to roasting a turkey and eating all the goodies that go with it.  I’ve got just a few projects to share today before a new release is on its way.  If you have signed up for the L.I. Newsletter, then you know that we are going to have some beautiful new Christmas Papers and wonderful ideas from Kerry coming out soon!  So stay tuned!  In the meantime, here are some great ideas to inspire you:

Barbara’s Fall Card sample using L.I. Template #L9418.  I love these fall colors.
Karie’s Shutter Card Front, using L.I. Templates #L906 and #L9263.  Beautiful.
Karie’s Shutter Card opened, using L.I. Templates #L906 and L9263, This is a work of art and very time consuming.  Great job, Karie!
Barbara’s second FALL Card, using L.I. Template #L9418.  A simple change of papers sure makes a difference, doesn’t it?  I love this one!  Here’s an older card from Barbara that I have long admired:
Barbara’s Give Thanks, L.I. Template #L9760  And here is an older one I did last year for Fall that I have made over and over again:
Donna’s Fall, L.I. Template #L9677.
Kerry’s Pujmpkin Spice Card Kit, L.I. Template #L9542 and Card Expressions #26.  If you don’t have this template, please look for this great Card Kit on the Home Page and purchase one while they last!  Here’s another Card Kit you might enjoy.  I love it and the layout is quick and simple:
Kerry’s Hello Fall Card Kit. L.I. Template #L9542 and Card Expressions #26.

Karen Harper has been a long time friend of mine and great embosser.  She just sent me these two fun projects she has done for Thanksgiving and, of course, I have to add them to this blog because they are all about the turkey!

Karen’s Tin with L.I. Template #L9151 and Colored Impressions’ Software.
Karen’s Placecard sample using L.I. Template #L9236 and Colored Impressions’ Softward.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Gobble Gobble.  🙂  Donna


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Barbara’s Trick-or-Treaters, LI Templates #L9318 and S545.


Good evening one and all.  Have I told you how much I love Halloween?  I love watching the little kids come trick-or-treating!  However, for the last 30 years we have had not one single trick-or-treater come to our door … not one!  We have a very long, very dark driveway some 300 feet from the street and it’s a horrible climb!  Ugh  So, in sharing a holiday that I dearly love, here are a few ideas from Barbara, Kaye, and Karie:


Barbara’s Bat, LI Template #L9619, plus Card Expressions #26 and Card Cut Outs.


Barbara’s Ghost, LI Templates #L9043, L9215 and L9757.


Barbara’s Creepy Crawly, LI Templates #L9419, L9671, M14, and M15.


Kaye’s Card Kit, LI Templates #L529, L9267 and Card Expressions #26.


Karie’s Halloween Gnome, LI Template #L9826 and Card Expressions #26.


Boo-To-You from all of us at Lasting Impressions.  🙂  Donna