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Hi everyone and Happy Labor Day Weekend. I hope most of you had the time off from work and if you did, perhaps you were busy doing what Barbara and I were doing … laboring over these adorable new templates from Lasting Impressions.  They are such fun.  Take a look at this card Barbara created with the new frog template.






Barbara's "F is for ..." frog, L.I. Template #L9802.
Barbara’s “F is for …”, L.I. Template #L9802.

Isn’t he adorable … googly eyes and all.  🙂  Then Barbara made a second card with the new flamingo.  Have a look:

Barbara's Flamingo, L.I. Template #L9803.
Barbara’s Flamingo, L.I. Template #L9803.

And here’s Barbara’s version of the new cactus template (which we both love!):

Barbara's Cactus, L.I. Template #L9805.
Barbara’s Cactus, L.I. Template #L9805.

Now my turn!  First I made a frog card and I am so loving this new Gingham paper!

Donna's Frog, L.I. Template #L9802.
Donna’s Frog, L.I. Template #L9802.

Then I struggled a little with the Flamingo (my mind is a blank, having just come back from vacation), but finally noticed a card on Pinterest that gave me just the right idea for this cute pink bird!  The sentiment is from My Favorite Things and I couldn’t have said it better!

Donna's Flamingo, L.I. Template #L9803.
Donna’s Flamingo, L.I. Template #L9803.

Last but certainly not least, here are my last two cards, using the cactus template.  The first card is one I did in my classes, over the weekend.  I’ve love braided cards and I recently shared that technique while visiting Lasting Impressions. For the second card, the front white cardstock actually flips up for the message inside.  The card is flat like a postcard. I used Colored Impressions’ Software for the sentiment inside:

Donna's Braid Card, L.I. Template #L9805.
Donna’s Braid Card, L.I. Template #L9805.
Donna's Cactus, L.I. Template #L9805.
Donna’s Cactus, L.I. Template #L9805.
Donna's Cactus Sentiment, using C.I. Software.
Donna’s Cactus Sentiment, using C.I. Software.

You can find all the wonderful L.I. products both Barbara and I used on these cards by going to the Home Page.  Please also take a look a the new Coloring Card Kits!  They are so much fun.  I recently did the Succulent Kit because I was so enjoying the new cactus template and couldn’t get enough of the cute design.  These kits contain 8 cards and matching envelopes … ready for you to color.  I will be sharing how I color these Coloring Kits in my next Embossing Chat.  In the meantime, have fun shopping.

Donna's Succulent Coloring Kit Sample from L.I.
Donna’s Succulent Coloring Kit Sample from L.I.

Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


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