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Donna’s French Poodle at Summer Camp. LI Template #L9477.


Good morning everyone!  Well the LI Summer Camp Week 1, “Off to Paris,” has now ended and we have all left Paris.  It has been such fun creating cards with LI’s Card Cut Outs and because the card above was all about Paris, I just had to add an embossed Poodle, LI Template #L9477.  He’s a cutie!  🙂

Karie did some embossing also when she made her version of the Fresh Flowers Card:

Karie’s Flower Shop using LI Cut-Outs from Summer Camp.  I love how she substituted some embossed daisies in her embossed pots.  She also made the shopping bag, from Summer Camp,and filled it with French Bon-Bons.  Oh yummy!
Karie’s Summer Camp Shopping Bag.


Here is my little Shopping Bag. All I added were two buttons … no yummy candy.  But, I think it would make a very cute Gift Card bag!

Donna’s Summer Camp Shopping Bag.


Here are the other cards I made during this first week of Summer Camp (see below).  The Second Week of Summer Camp starts on Monday the 24th and is called, “On the Farm.”  It looks adorable and I can’t wait for class to begin!  Hmmmmmm, guess I have too!  LOL  Come join us!  Happy Embossing, 🙂  Donna.

Donna’s Summer Camp Flower Shop.
Donna’s Summer Camp Thank You.
Donna’s Summer Camp If Friends Were Flowers.
Donna’s To and From Gift Tag Card from Summer Camp.
Donna’s Summer Camp Friendship Flowers.


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L.I. Summer Camp 2020


Are you bored silly and want something to do during this Pandemic?  Well, look no further!  Pack your bag and head on over to Lasting Impressions’ Summer Camp.  Registration has begun and there’s a sale if you get your order in now.  Here is what we will be doing and I know I can’t wait!  Oh, guess I have to wait because the Class Videos do not begin until August 3rd.  Kerry has lots of fun things to show you so go place your order and let the fun begin.  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna

L.I. Summer Camp1 – Paris












L.I. Summer Camp2 – On the Farm


L.I. Camp3 – Season to be Freezin’








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Donna’s Celebrate Cut Out using Glossy Accents to highlight the stars and YOU!

Please come visit me at:

to see all of the Cut Out ideas I have been using during this pandemic.  If you haven’t tried the latest Cut Outs, please visit LI’s Home Page and order some to play with.  The cards come together in minutes and there is no one who makes better Cardstock to enhance each and every Cut Out.  My favorite at the moment is the large Gingham paper but the new “Blooms” paper is gorgeous!  Happy embossing everyone.  🙂  Donna


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Kaye’s Bunny Pot using LI Template #L9185 with Cut Outs, Sweet Pea Baby Clover and brand new Bundle of Carrots cardstocks.  Simply adorable.  🙂

Oh my gosh, I think perhaps Easter and all the fun images just might be one of my favorites!  I’ve always enjoyed making Halloween and Christmas cards and projects but, I have to tell ya, Easter ideas have been fun.  And here are a few more to inspire you … some old and some new.  Take a peek:

Karie’s Easter Trio using Template #L9740.  This card layout could not be any cuter.  Karie said she used the Colored Impressions Software for the egg and the sentiment.  All are embossed which really makes the card pop!  I love the way she used the small LI buttons!
And this card by Barbara, done a couple of years ago, gives you another way to use this very cute Template (#L9740).  And here’s my version of the same Template I made years ago:
Donna’s version of LI Template #L9740.

Now I can’t leave this Easter Template behind without telling you a funny story … one Karie told me this morning.  Seems her husband looked at her card above and thought the egg she printed off the Software was actually a tombstone and he wondered what it was doing between the bunny and the carrot.  OMG … men and their imaginations!  🙂  Here are a few more wonderful Easter samples:

Like the Bunny Pot Template Kaye used above (#L9185), here’s another look at how you can use this adorable bunny by Karie.  She also used LI Templates #L9413 Truck, #i114 Flower, and #L9746 Carrots.  I love the purple Truck and who doesn’t like chocolate?

And finally, here’s my version of the Bunny Pot:

Donna’s Bunny Pot using LI Templates #L9185 and #L9005 Flower.  Notice I used the new Emerald Green Bloom paper for the grass.  I love that new Bloom paper AND, it comes in brand new colors.  Check it out!  🙂
Karie’s Rejoice, using LI Template #L9787.  This card is so peaceful, Karie.  I love the blue.  And you cut those small flowers out just beautifully.  Wow.
Karie’s Happy Easter using LI Template #L9396.  And here is my version using the same Template:
Donna’s Bunny Basket using LI Templates #L9396 Bunny, along with #L9743 Basket,  and #L9005 Flower. I double embossed the flower to make it look fuller and used a LI button in the center.  I also inked the white bunny to give him a little color with Tim Holtz Walnut Distress Ink.
Karie’s Egg with Bow.  Karie used a Simply Square layout with her LI Egg Template #L9009.  I like the orange and yellow together.  And here’s one more card from Karie:
Karie’s Easter Gnomes.  Karie has the Gnome Template (retired) and just could not pass up the opportunity to make some Gnome Bunnies!  If you have seen the latest LI Release then you know we have some very cute Gnome Bunnies, both in Cut Outs, and Shelf Sitter!  Karie’s embossed version is adorable.

I hope we have given you some Easter ideas to inspire you.  I just received my new Shelf Sitters and I can’t wait to put them together.  I hope you all had the opportunity to watch Kerry’s wonderful Video on how to put the Sitters together … really “easy peasy.”   With much bunny joy, 🙂  Donna.


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Donna’s Hello Bunny, LI Templates #L9396.


Hello everyone and happy Sunday!  Oh my goodness, we have been very busy at Lasting Impressions.  I hope you have all had a chance to look at the latest release.  I love the new papers and adorable Cut Outs.  We will be posting ideas with these new products soon but, in the meantime, here is what the Design Team did with April’s Challenge Template, #L9747 Stuffed Bunny, chosen by Kaye.  First a very cute card from Barbara:


Barbara’s Stuffed Bunny using LI Templates #L9747 (Bunny), #L9741 (small carrot), and #i114 (Flower).  I love the brads on the flowers and the very cute flower background paper Barbara used.  And let’s not overlook those huge carrots.  Nice layout Barbara!  And here’s a tag Barbara made with the same bunny template:


Barbara’s Stuffed Bunny tag using LI Templates #L9747 (bunny) and #L9734 (tag).  I love the gray bunny and the torn flower paper behind him.


Kaye’s Stuffed Bunny Invitation using LI Template #L9747.  Isn’t this a cute idea?  Kaye has used the Colored Impressions Software for her invite.  I’m looking forward to that egg hunt, Kaye!


Donna’s Happy Easter Stuffed Bunny using LI Template #L9747.  I can’t get enough of LI’s Gingham cardstock.  I actually cut the bunny in half in order to make him a bit bigger and then wrapped him around the carrot.  I used Tim Holtz Distress Walnut Ink to give the white bunny more color.  Here is Karie’s version of her Stuffed Bunny:


Karie’s Stuffed Bunny using LI Template #L9747.  Looks to me like this bunny just couldn’t wait for Easter to have a bite!  I love the papers Karie used.  Nice job.


While this last card is not a Stuffed Bunny, I just could not end this update without showing this very funny card by Karie:


Karie’s Chicks using LI Template #L9744.  One of the things I enjoy most at Lasting Impressions is my relationship with Kaye and her sister Debbie.  They always make me laugh.  And here Karie is poking fun at the two of them using LI Template #L9744.  These two chicks are definitely “keepers!”  I hope you are cracking up, Kaye and Debbie.  🙂


That’s it for today but not the end of our Easter ideas!  I will be back later with some more cards to keep you hopping.  So, come back soon and until then … hoppy embossing, 🙂  Donna



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Lasting Impressions’ bunnies, gnomes & flowers Cardmaking Ideas.


Good morning everyone!  Please hop on over to the Home Page to see the latest and greatest new release from Lasting Impressions.  Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to get my hands on these new goodies.  I bet you won’t be able to resist either!  So, get hopping.  And let me remind you that while we are facing some difficult times, take this opportunity to stay close to home, enjoy your families and perhaps craft a bunny and put a smile on someone’s face,  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna


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Donna’s Birthday Carrot Cake. LI Templates #L9747 (carrot), #L9660 (candles), #L9396 (rabbit), and Colored Impressions Software.

Good morning everyone.  Today I have a funny story to share with you … actually, a little “joke” I played on my sweet friend Kaye at Lasting Impressions.  I told Kaye, in a text message, that I made a Carrot Cake.  She responded some time later that it sounded delicious and she wished she had a piece.  So, I then sent her a reply text with a picture of the above card I just made.  She called me minutes later … laughing on the phone!  🙂

I am told that I make the best Carrot Cake and I would like to share that recipe with you … along with my Happy Birthday Carrot Cake Card that I made for my daughter whose birthday this year is two days after Easter.  Try them both … you will find them “delicious!”  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna


Prepare and set aside:   2 cups grated carrots.  Drain one 20 oz  can of crushed pineapple (drink the juice!).  Add 1/2 cup of raisins to a small amount of warm water to soften and then drain before adding to cake.  Chop 1/2 cup of walnuts (or your favorite nut).

Mix together in a bowl:

4 eggs

1 1/2 cups of oil

2 cups sugar

1 t. salt, 2 t. cinnamon, 2 t. baking soda

Add the prepared ingredients above and mix until smooth.  Now add in 2 1/2 cups of flour.  Pour into greased/floured 9 x 13″ pan and bake at 350 degrees for 45 – 50 minutes.  Do the toothpick test and your pick should still be a little moist.

Frosting:  I use the typical cream cheese frosting and blend 1 cube soft butter with one 8 oz package of soften cream cheese.  Mix in 1 box of powdered sugar and 1 t. vanilla.  Beat until smooth.  Frost cake once it has cooled.


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Donna’s Easter Card using LI Templates #L9746 and #L9005 (flower).


Oh my goodness, did you know that Easter is just one month away?  It’s coming quickly and are you prepared?  The Design Team has been very busy putting together some ideas for you and they will be posted next week.  So, get ready to play!  🙂  In the meantime, here are some oldies but goodies … some of my favorites … to get you hopping along.  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


Donna’s Carrot Truck, LI Templates #L9413 and S477.


Barbara’s Easter, L.I. Temp #L9746, L9744, L9571, and L9741.


Barbara’s Bunny Truck, LI Templates #L9413 and #L9740.


Barbara’s Chick Wagon, LI Templates #L9115 and #L9744.


Donna’s Twisted Easter Tags, LI Templates #L9190 and #L9747.



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LI’s Birthdays, Posies & Shamrocks Idea Book.

Good morning everyone.  I hope you all had a chance to take a peek at the latest LI release!  If not, be sure and click on the Home Page and look at New Product.  We have some really cute Cut-Outs and paper, including the adorable Idea Book above.  We will have card samples and project ideas coming soon!  In the meantime, here are some more ideas from the Design Team for the month of March.  Happy Embossing, 🙂  Donna.

Barbara’s March Challenge idea using LI Cut Out #20 Roses and LI Embossed Basket Template #L1008.  This card is so delicate.  Just beautiful Barbara!
Karie’s Pot of Gold front layout using LI Template #L9826 Embossed Gnome (retired) and Cut Out Rainbow #28.  I love the polka dot hat!  🙂
Karie’s Inside Pot of Gold layout using LI Templates #L9826 Embossed Gnome and #L9339 Embossed Pot with Cut Out Rainbow #28.  Karie’s tri-fold card is amazing!  Cute faux stitching around the edges Karie!
Karie’s March Challenge using LI Templates #L1008 Embossed Basket, Embossed Flowers #i114, #i118, and Embossed Butterfly #L9111 with Senti-Metal.  I love Karie’s spring look.  Very nice job!
Karie’s second March Challenge  using LI Templates #L1008 Embossed Basket and Embossed Flowers #i114 and #i118 with Senti-Metal.  Really pretty in blue!
Karie’s first Embossed Truck using LI Template #L9413 and Cut Out #29 Shamrocks.  Wow … all those Shamrocks are amazing!  I love the dirt road.  🙂
Karie’s second Embossed Truck with LI Template #L9413 and Cut Out #28 Pot and Rainbow.  Nice staining job around the edges and I love the plaid fenders!  So cute.
Karie’s Step Card using LI Templates #L9826 Embossed Gnome, #i114 and #i118 Embossed  Flowers, and #L9339 Embossed Pot with Cut Out #28 Rainbow.  This Step Card is amazing!
Kaye’s second Challenge card using LI Templates #L1008 Embossed Basket and #L9021 Embossed Flowers.  Kaye loves to use Tim Holtz Distress Ink to highlight her images and she does a great job here with Antique Linen.  Just beautiful Kaye!

Last but not least, here’s a couple of ideas from me!  Here’s my truck using LI Template #L9413.  However, I cheated a bit and enlarged the truck using the Colored Impressions Software, stained the truck with Tim Holtz Distress Inks to make it look rusty and old, and was able to fit a Gnome inside the truck as well as one guarding the “load.”  Take a peek:

Donna’s “The Gnomes stole the Pot,” using an enlarged version of LI Template #L9413 and Cut Outs #27 and #28.  The guy in the back must be sleeping because he lost a few coins out the back of the truck!  LOL
Donna’s March Challenge using LI Templates #L1008 Embossed Basket and #L9482 Embossed Pup and Bones with Colored Impressions Software.
Donna’s second March Challenge card using Templates #L1008 Embossed Basket, #L9094 Embossed Chicken, and #L9043 Embossed Egg.  I also used Colored Impressions Software for the sentiment and Tim Holtz Distress Ink.


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Donna’s Pot of Gold Gnome.  Lasting Impressions Cut Outs #27, #28 and #29.

OMG … we can thank our lucky 4-leaf clovers for some darling St. Patty’s Day images from Lasting Impressions.  I’ve been playing non-stop with mine and they are so fun.  I did use Stickles’ Diamond on the rainbow card above and that really made it pop.  Here are some adorable card projects from Barbara, Kaye and Karie:

Barbara’s St. Patty’s Basket of Clovers.  How cute is this?  OMG … I love the basket (#L1008) in the soft blue that Barbara did using the Colored Impressions Software and the darling little bird (#M26), and the beautiful flowers and clovers from Cut Outs #29.  She also cut out clovers from Lasting Impressions’ new cardstock “Emerald Shamrocks.”  Just beautiful Barbara.

Kaye’s new stand up Gnome.  This darling gnome takes just minutes to complete and can be purchased on the LI Home Page under New Products.  I think he will put a smile on anyone’s face, don’t you?  I love his little pointed shoes.  Nice job, Kaye.
Kaye’s Basket full of Clovers.  Kaye used LI Template #L1008 basket and filled it with clovers, flowers, and sentiment from LI Cut Outs #29.  To make her card pop, Kaye used Tim Holtz Distress Inks: Tea Stained, Antique Linen, and Gathered Twigs.  She also used Bee Ditz cardstock for her background and dotted the flower centers with Stickle’s Diamond.
Karie’s Party Gnomes.  OMG … talk about shenanigans!  I bet these guys can really have some fun.  Karie embossed her little guys and added a banner and Mardi Gras sentiments!  So cute Karie.

I hope you will all take a look at the latest Card Cut Outs and beautiful cardstock (my personal favorite is “Emerald Blooms”) and make your own “shenanigans.”   🙂  In the meantime, I have some really fun March Challenge ideas coming soon from the Design Team using LI Template #L1008 basket.  And, if you are in the neighborhood, don’t forget to sign up for Kaye’s Class on March 5th at 6:30 p.m.  There are still a few seats left.  So, grab a space and/or order your card kit now.  Happy embossing, 🙂  Donna.