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Good morning one and all.  As my arrival at Lasting Impressions gets closer and closer, I can hardly contain the excitement!  Embossing has always been my crafting first love and using these brass templates from Lasting Impressions has always been a joy. Here’s a peek at just one of the cards I will be doing in my class on July 21st:

Donna's Hello Card for upcoming Class and Kit using L.I. Template #L9642
Donna’s Hello Card for upcoming Class and Kit using L.I. Template #L9642

In the class you will learn how to “braid” your card, emboss and scuff your flowers, and mount them on beautiful new cardstock from Lasting Impressions.  I’ve used this particular template many times and the class will use it on three projects so watch for the class announcement that will be posted soon!  Here’s a few samples of how I used this flower template, in the past, and a couple of other ideas that I pinched from stamped card ideas displayed on Pinterest.  I knew they would be great using this flower template.

Donna's Hello Sunshine, L.I. Template #L9642.
Donna’s Hello Sunshine, L.I. Template #L9642.
Donna's Smile Flower, L.I. Template #L9642.
Donna’s Smile Flower, L.I. Template #L9642.
Donna's Hello Card2 using L.I. Template #L9642.
Donna’s Hello Card using L.I. Template #L9642.

I know you will find many beautiful and fun ways to use this flower template from Lasting Impressions.  I hope those of you who live in the Salt Lake area can join me for a very fun class!  I’m looking forward to meeting you … in person!  I leave you with this great card idea from my teammate Barbara.  I thought, “How appropriate,” as I will soon be on the road and on my way to Utah!  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna

Barbara's Trailer, L.I. Template #L9761.
Barbara’s Happy Camper, L.I. Template #L9761.

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