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Hi there.  Donna here … and the bunny is coming … and I do mean the one with the fluffy tail and egg basket!  🙂  Here’s just a couple of Door Hangers to get you started and tomorrow, after my “cupcake class,” I will have some more ideas to show you!  Pick up your stylus and get “hoppin’ down the bunny trail.” 

  Isn’t this just the cutest?  Barbara just sent me this door hanger, using Bunny template #L9467, and she had the sweetest little bunny button and Doodle Gift Tag, on the envelope, I just had to stick them on the door hanger too!  I love the raspberry and pink papers she used.  Below is an older one Barbara made me, a couple of years ago, using chicken template #S811 and you could easily use chicken template #L9370 also:

  I love it that she used that shredded paper you can buy to put in your Easter baskets.  Adorable, Barbara!  I made one, below, using an oldie but goodie Easter template #L9094:

  This one was particularly easy because I used the Colored Impressions’ Software, printed the template images out on cardstock and then embossed the chicken, egg, bunny and eggs.  That made the images pop!  Then I used small rings to hang the wording section, template #W5018, added some ribbon, and L.I.’s buttons, and wa-la … a keeper for sure!  I can’t speak for everyone, but for me … I could not accomplish what I do, with my card creations, without Colored Impressions’ Software.  And it’s so easy to use.  You can still download the program from the Home Page.  Look for it … it’s hoppin’ wonderful.  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna

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