Hand embossing gives you a chance to use your creativity and make something that is uniquely yours. Anyone can email or text nowadays, but how special it is to receive something that someone took the time to make especially for you! Whether you make something for yourself or others, anyone who sees it will be “impressed”!

What do I need to “dry emboss”?
You will need a light source such as a window or a light box . . . something that will help you “see” the template through the paper. You will also need a stylus with a large ball on at least one end and, of course, our brass embossing templates.

How do I dry emboss?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Determine which side of the template is the “right” side then lay it face down on your light source. (The only time it really matters is when you’re embossing words or alphabet.) Next, position your paper, colored side down, on top of the template making sure the white is showing. Take your Embossing Tissue or a piece of waxed paper and rub over the area you are about to emboss, this makes the stylus glide over the paper easier. Trace the edges of the metal only! . . . There is no need to fill-in the center because you have already “pushed” the paper through. When you are finished, turn the paper over and determine if you have missed any areas or if the embossing needs to be a little more defined. If necessary, place the template back into the “grooves” and finish what you have missed. It’s EASY!

Do you need a special paper?
No! This is simple, any paper will work. The thicker the paper, the better the image will emboss.

Don’t I need an expensive machine to emboss with?
No! Embossing with brass templates is very simple and quite affordable.
All you need is your handy dandy little stylus, your favorite template and paper and a light source.

Embossing machines, like the Big Shot, can be used but you have to run the entire template through the machine so therefore it embosses everything that is on the template.

What about the paper piecing?
When you are finished embossing, use a good pair of small paper scissors to cut out your paper piece. Don’t use large kitchen scissors because they are too cumbersome and usually are not sharp enough for small pieces and places. DO NOT cut right next to the embossing! Leave a 1/16” to 1/8” margin AWAY from the embossing for the most beautiful look! Use foam mounting tape, hot glue or glue dots to attach your pieces together then mount them on the card background. Check out our quick tutorial on dry embossing . . . you’ll be amazed!

Can I make it simple or do I need to add color and paper piecing?
You can make it as simple as embossing on a piece of white cardstock for an elegant white-on-white effect. You can emboss a piece of colored cardstock then take one of our Paper Scuffers or Scratchers or a piece of fine grit sand paper and lightly sand or “scuff” the top of the colored paper off from the raised embossing to define your work. Experiment with different techniques to create your look.

Why do I want to use Lasting Impressions paper?
Any paper can be used but the thicker the better. Our paper has a white core which makes it easier to “see” through the paper when placed on your light source and it is a perfect weight. Solid core paper is not easily seen through, especially dark papers, and lightweight paper tears easily during embossing. One hint . . . it’s better to lightly emboss an area a few times than to heavily emboss an area once and tear the paper. You’ll soon get “the feel” for the amount of pressure to apply. (And, again, don’t forget to rub the waxed paper over the paper first to help the stylus glide over the paper easier!)

Can I emboss on envelopes?
You can add a cute little design to the flap or the front of an envelope. You can make cute scrapbook pages, recipe cards, gift tags, notecards . . . if you can dream it you can do it.

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