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LI Template #L9531.


Happy Halloween everyone!  No bones about it, I am very late in wishing you all a spooky day, filled with sweet treats and joyful children.  I have no idea where this month has gone but, for me, I’ve added another birthday!  Here are some ideas I used for Halloween in the past and remember, while they might look like Halloween to you, you could use them all year long by being creative with your sentiments.  For example, the skeleton above, you could use this one and say inside, “No bones about it, I forgot your birthday!”  And for the witch below, send it to a little girl or boy and say, “I’m stirring up a witch’s brew to wish you a magical birthday filled with surprises.”  Add some googly eyes to make them giggle.


LI Template #L9412.


Here’s a Bat that you might use in February and say, I’m batty for you.”

LI Template #L9619.


And, I personally used this one to say another birthday was coming so, “Beware.”

LI Template #L9533.


And this smiling pumpkin I sent to my granddaughter just because she’s so darn cute!


LI Template #L9420.


LI Template #L9527.


There are lots and lots of Boo-tiful templates from Lasting Impressions and, if you haven’t already, purchase the Colored Impressions’ Software, buy it and get a colorful look at all there is to play with.  Happy Halloween!  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna



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