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Happy Valentine’s Day from Lasting Impressions and the Design Team.  I want to share with you this adorable card that Design Team Member Barbara sent me.  She knows how much I love the turtle template (L9755) and she paired him with a heart template (L9735) for Valentine’s Day.  Oh that clever girl … see how she embossed the stem of the heart template directly onto the Chocolate Truffle Cardstock and then scuffed it so it shows up real nice.  Then she embossed the hearts, scuffed them, cut them out, and then mounted them on the stem.  She used Savanna Cardstock for the little guys’ shell and I like how that turned out, don’t you? 

 Thank you so much, Barbara, for this cute card … I love it.  Oh, BTW, there’s a sale going on, here at L.I., so be sure and check out the Home Page and treat yourself to something “calorie free” while I go have a sweet treat from my sweetheart.  Embossing joy,  🙂 Donna

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