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Donna’s Perfect Pumpkin, LI Temp #L9416.


Fall is just around the corner and that means pumpkin time.  How do you carve your pumpkins?  My favorite way is with a pair of scissors, a great pumpkin template design and some cardstock!  🙂  Here are a few carved pumpkins from the past.  Now go pick up a knife … oooops, I mean a stylus … and a pair of scissors AND create!   Embossing joy, 🙂  Donna

Barbara’s Bushel of Apples, LI Temp #L9540.
Kaye’s Pumpkins, LI Temp #L9613.
L.I. Pumpkin Patch, LI Temp #L9536.
L.I. Fall, Temp #L9537.
Donna’s Fall Card, LI Temp #L9418.
    Jan’s Happy Harvest Card, LI Temp #L9144.
Donna’s Happy Haunting Cemetery, LI Temp #s L9616 and S544.
Barbara’s Pumpkin Sign with Candy Corn Flowers, LI Temp #s L9533 and L9676.
Donna’s Pumpkin Harvest, LI Template #L9613.
Donna’s Rip, LI Temp #s L9525 and L9323.
Barbara’s Pumpkin Platter, LI Temp #L9416.
Barbara’s Puppy Patch, LI. Temp #s L9579, L9533.
Donna’s Hi Ghost, LI Temp #s L9071 and L9533.
Barbara’s LI Temp #L9763.
Kaye’s LI Pumpkin Temp #L9763.
Kaye’s LI Pumpkin Candle Temp #L9763.

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