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Good afternoon everyone!  I’m feeling particularly cheerful today … even with this hot, hot, hot weather (did I mention it’s hot here in San Diego?) because I am heading to Utah for a week.  First I will attend a Trade Show for three days and enjoy a couple of classes and then I’m off to see my friend Kaye at Lasting Impressions.  We have big plans, Kaye and I, including talking about the new L.I. templates coming out.  Have you all seen the new Alpha Template, “W is for …” featuring the cutest Whale!  OMG, I had such fun playing with the whale today and I have so many ideas running through my head on how to use him/her.  Here’s just a couple of samples from Teammate Barbara and from Me!  🙂

Barbara’s Whale1, L.I. Temp #L9812.


Barbara’s Whale2, L.I. Temp #L9812 and #S711.  I love that sun!


Barbara’s Whale3, L.I. Temp #L9812.


Donna’s Whale, L.I. Temp #L9812.


Donna’s Whale Step Card, L.I. Temp #L9812, along with Colored Impressions’ Software.


Have you seen what’s next?  An Adorable reindeer just in time for “Christmas in July.”  They decided to call him “Barney” after the new Barn Wood Collection, now available at L.I.  Go to the Home Page and look for the new Chalk Art Board and the adorable Round Tags that are available, with Barney!  And, if you are in the North Salt Lake area, please join Kaye, at Lasting Impressions, for her Embossing Class on Thursday, July 19th at 6:30 p.m.  I can’t wait to take her class!  Come play!   Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna

Barney the Reindeer, L.I. Temp #L9815.


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OMG … I see things moving really, really fast this year!  Here I sit in Texas in full view of the LBJ lake (which is gorgeous BTW) and totally forgot to post holiday cards on the Blog before I left San Diego!  Good grief.  Thankfully, I am supported by a wonderful teammate who sent me two adorable cards:

Barbara’s 4th of July Card, L.I. Temp #L9182.


Barbara’s 4th of July Pup, L.I. Temp #L9579 and #L9115.


Really nice job, Barbara.  Thank you so much.  I love the new papers!

More when I get back to San Diego.  In the meantime, I’m having a “whale of a time” here in Texas.  Happy 4th of July!  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna


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Good morning everyone.  Have you had a chance to see the beautiful new papers yet?  Oh my goodness, I love the barn wood look.  Check out the “Farmhouse Collection” for a quick peek and then look at the individual colors in single sheets.  It’s hard to choose a favorite as they are all so beautiful.  Here’s a card that Kaye recently created for a L.I. customer.  I love the distressed look, don’t you?  Amazing job Kaye!  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna

Kaye’s L.I. Temp #L9064 United We Stand. The paper is Barn Wood –
Blueberry, Red Wagon and White Washed and Walnut Distress



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Donna’s Picnic, L.I. Temp #L9309 and Colored Impressions’ Software for the Ant.

Life is not always a “picnic” at my house and this month was quite a challenge!  We decided to install new flooring and OMG … I’m simply too old to do this … that’s what I learned anyway.  🙂  We have a small, but comfortable, house and for almost two weeks we lived in the living room with a large dining room table, a huge hutch, AND an enormous Grandfather Clock (or so it seemed) all sitting in the middle of the room!  However, the floors are done and I love them!

Donna’s flooring.

Okay, back to crafting and why I am mentioning this latest challenge.  My craft room and supplies have been covered in dust and I only just discovered most of it.  I would laugh but I am too exhausted!  So forgive me as I finally post these two adorable Father’s Day Cards from Barbara and a couple of cards I made because, quite frankly, I was having crafting withdrawals.  Back to cleaning!   🙂  Happy embossing and Happy Father’s Day Weekend.  🙂  Donna


Barbara’s Puppy, L.I. Temp #L9579.
Barbara’s Seahorses, L.I. Temp #S879.
Donna’s Thank You Dad Pencil, L.I. Temp #L9808 and L9221 for DAD.
Donna’s Thank You, L.I. Temp #L9717.
Donna’s One in a Melon, L.I. Temp #L9309.
Donna’s Blast Off … (Inside: enjoy your special day), L.I. Temp #L9811.


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Donna’s Mother’s Day Card, L.I. Temp #L9463, #B216 and #L9046.


Good morning everyone.  April is coming to an end and in anticipation of Spring and Mother’s Day, I’ve created a few cards using L.I.’s Colored Impressions Software.  I use the program almost daily and in my humble opinion, every cardmaker should own a copy!  Take a look at these examples using the fun “Simply Square” backgrounds you will find listed on the software:


Donna’s Happy Birthday, L.I. Temp #L926 plus Colored Impressions Software.  The background checks leave a white square in the center for you to pop-in any design!  And, as with most backgrounds, you can change the color, using the software!


Donna’s Buzzin’ Bee, L.I. Temp #L9369 and Colored Impressions Software.  Here’s an example of changing the color of this design off the software.  I changed the dot-colors in order to keep a yellow-bee theme going!  I also used the software to add the sentiment.


Donna’s Hello Spring Gardening, L.I. Temp #S454 and Colored Impressions Software.  I think this card could be used for Father’s Day by switching the wording out to “RELAX” and on the inside add something that says, “Put that lawn mower and those gardening tools away and relax and enjoy your special day!”


Donna’s Simplify, L.I. Temp #S660 and Colored Impressions Software.  This is a good example of how to make a small template design look lots bigger!  The wording is a reminder that we should all simplify our lives and take time to smell the roses!


Last but not least, let me remind you that Kaye, at Lasting impressions, is having another wonderful embossing class on Thursday evening, May 3, at 6:30 p.m., if you are in the area.  Here is what Kaye is doing for her class.


Kaye’s May Embossing Class, L.I. Template L9463.


I hope these examples will inspire you to go pick up your stylus and make something springy and beautiful.  Enjoy, 🙂 Donna


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Good morning everyone.  Today I have some sweet projects to share with you from Kaye, at Lasting Impressions, and L.I. Design Team Member Barbara!  The first is the latest Touch of Spring card kit from Kaye using Template #B222, with matching envelopes!  You can order your kit by clicking on Catalog/New Product from the Home Page.  It’s a beautiful kit and quite frankly a very easy image to emboss and use over and over again with other templates!



Here is Barbara’s Sweet Pineapple card using L.I. Temp Nos. L9807, S886, and W5020.  The Gingham paper is a perfect match for these sweet treats.


Here is Barbara’s Watering Can using L.I. Temp Nos. L9008 and L945.  I love the soft colors Barbara chose for this card.


And here is Barbara’s Thank You card using L.I. Temp Nos. L945, S582, and B216.  Don’t you just love the yellow and purple colors and the cute Scribble border she used.


Here’s another adorable sweet version of L.I.’s Pineapple template #L9807 from Barbara.


And lat but not least, here’s a closeup look at Barbara’s Doodle Tag, L.I. Temp #L945.


Next Blog, I have some fun ideas using Colored Impressions Software that I hope will inspire you to purchase a copy of this amazing software if you don’t already own it.  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna



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Donna’s Oopsy Daisy, L.I. Temp #L9573 and #W5019.


Ooops … I was so excited about the Oval Flower kit yesterday, I neglected to mention that Kaye, at Lasting Impressions, is having an embossing class on Thursday, April 5th, at 6:30 p.m., if you happen to be in the North Salt Lake, Utah area.  Here are her beautiful projects:


Kaye’s April “Bunches of Thanks” Embossing Class.


Space is limited so reserve your spot now.  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


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Happy Easter everyone!  Have you ever obsessed over an image and you just keep embossing it again and again and truly don’t know when to stop?  Well, I am obsessed with the latest Card Kit that Kaye at Lasting Impressions created … AND I CAN’T STOP! LOL   I see myself embossing the Oval Flower Template (L945) for so many occasions and I particularly love using the Paint Chip Cards with it.  I have to be honest, I have had these Paint Chip Cards for quite some time and never got around to using them.  Now … I CAN’T STOP USING THEM TOO!  Oh no … see where this obsession is going?  LOL  Here are some samples I did yesterday:


Donna’s Oval Flowers, L.I. Temp #L945 and Spring, L.I. Temp #W5001, with Dungaree Paint Chip Card, Coral Bells Chalky Dots, Yellow Daisies Chalky Dots, Gentle Breeze Aqua Chalky Dots, Garden Moss Damask, Powdered Sugar and matching buttons.


Donna’s Just Because, L.I. Temp #L9372 and Scribble, L.I. Temp #B216, with Mud Pie Brown Paint Chip Card and Coral Bells Paint Chip Card.


Donna’s Oval Flowers, L.I. Temp #L945, with Coral Bells Chalky Dots, Powdered Sugar, Yellow Daisies Chalky Dots, Garden Moss Damask, Coral Bells Paint Chip Card and matching buttons.


Donna’s April Showers, L.I. Temp #L9114 and Oval Flowers, L.I. Temp #L945, with Gentle Breeze Aqua Paint Chip Card, Toadstool Tan, Gerber Daisy Chalky Dots, Powdered Sugar, Garden Moss Damask and matching button.


Donna’s So Sweet, L.I. Temp #W5020 and Pineapple, L.I. Temp #S866, with Lime Fizz Paint Chip Card, Gentle Breeze, Yellow Daisies, Garden Moss, Powdered Sugar, and Gerber Daisy, with matching button.  I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink for distressing the edges.


Donna’s Oval Flowers, L.I. Temp #L945 and Scribble, L.I. Temp #B216, with Yellow Daisies Paint Chip Card, and Chalky Dots, Garden Moss Damask, and Vellum Cardstock and buttons.


Please don’t let me obsess alone.  Go buy a kit and let’s see what you can do with this wonderful Oval Flowers template.  It’s a keeper in my book … book of embossing that is!  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna


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Good morning everyone! I have exciting news from L.I.  Have you seen the latest Card Kit entitled Spring Blossoms (see below)?  Absolutely beautiful.  Check it out on the Home Page.  I love the colors and the use of Vellum!  And if you haven’t seen the new Easter Chalkboard, take a look at it as well. You can order the kit and/or extra boards.  I just finished a class with 11 classmates making their very own Chalkboards and it was a really fun project.  Easter is just around the corner so don’t delay in ordering your own Chalkboard!   See my version below and Hoppy Easter.  🙂  Donna


L.I. Spring Blossoms Card Kit.


Donna’s Easter Chalkboard from Lasting Impressions.


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OMG … I just got a peek at Design Team Member Barbara’s Spring and Easter card ideas and I just have to share.  She has really out done herself with these templates and I, for one, am so impressed.  See if you don’t agree with me.  Embossing Joys, 🙂  Donna


Barbara’s Peep Basket, L.I. Temp #L1008, L9185 and S811.  I love the new double-sided cardstock Barbara has used on this card and the way she layered the torn paper.  The brads on the flowers are so cute and the little birdie is just the right punch of color.  🙂


Barbara’s Think Spring Rabbit, L.I. Temp #L9740 and S569.  OMG … just looking at this rabbit makes me laugh!  He’s going to really enjoy that carrot I betcha!  🙂


Barbara’s Crack-up Chicks, L.I. Temp #L9744.  These chicks really “crack” me up!  LOL  I love the pink and yellow cardstock, don’t you?  And I’m a huge fan of polka dots … and baby chicks!  🙂


Barbara’s carrot eating bunny, L.I. Temp #L9741 and L1087.  This little bunny is adorable with his bow tie and pot filled with carrots.


Barbara’s Easter, L.I. Temp #L9746, L9744, L9571, L9741 and Senti-metal “Happy.”  Isn’t Barbara clever … cutting the wording out and mounting them with her little newborn chick?  And, don’t you love it that she turned one of the corners over so you can see the “other side” of the cardstock.  Really nice!