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Father’s Day is just around the corner and once again … I am so behind!  Kaye, at Lasting Impressions, had a very successful “Dads and Dudes” Class recently and I hope some of you were able to attend.  Here are some Father’s Day Card examples from design teammate Barbara and crafting buddies Nettie, Jan and me.  I hope they will inspire you to pick up a stylus and go make a card or two for that special guy in your life.  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


Barbara’s Father’s Day Dino, L.I. Template #L9765.


Barbara’s Father’s Day “DAD,” L.I. Template #M14.


Barbara’s Best Dad, L.I. Template #L9610.


Nettie’s Like Father Like Son, L.I. Template #L9291.


Jan’s Father’s Day Scarecrow, L.I. Template #L1023.


Donna’s Lighthouse, L.I. Template #L9061.


Donna’s Father’s Day Birds. L.I. Template #L9650.

Donna’s Father’s Day Tie, L.I. #L9749.


Donna’s Dad’s Tools, L.I. #L9123.



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I love Spring Time when flowers start to bloom and here in San Diego, we are once again having summer weather!  Design Team Member Barbara has been busy creating some darling Spring Time Cards.  Take a look!


Barbara’s Spring Pup, L.I. Templates #L9579 and #L9111.
Barbara’s Party, L.I. Template #L9660.
Barbara’s Bunnylicious, L.I. Template #L9742.
Barbara’s Spring Thank You, L.I. Templates #L9717 and #L9572.

Barbara’s Thank You Bunches, L.I. Template #L9565. 

And thank you Barbara for your beautiful inspirations!  Embossing Joys, 🙂 Donna



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Team member Barbara has been busy playing with the new cardstock from Lasting Impressions.  And while this bunny with the cute cottontail is an oldie, it is one of my favorites!  Look at these cute samples.  Which one is your favorite?

Barbara’s Cottontail Bunny, L.I. Template #L1041.


Barbara -s Tulip, L.I. Template #L9564.


Barbara’s Bunny Basket, L.I. Templates #L9743, L9275, and L9742.


Barbara’s Smiling Eggs, L.I. Template #S644.


Barbara’s Easter Basket, L.I. Templates #L9745 and L9114.


Let the parade begin!  With joy, happy embossing.  🙂  Donna



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Easter will be here next month and I’ve started my cards … have you?  I have to admit, there are times when I forget how much fun it is to emboss!  Then I pick up a stylus, grab a template, and some of the new Lasting Impressions’ paper, and before ya know it, I am in love with embossing all over agaiin!.  Here are some cards I made this morning.


Donna’s Egg Bunny, L.I. Template #L9186.


Donna’s Carrot Catch, L.I. Template #L9747.


Donna’s Crackin Eggs, L.I. Template #L9744.


Donna’s Peek-a-Boo Slider, L.I. Template #L9275, from the front.


Donna’s Peek-a-Boo Slider, L.I. Template #L9275 (inside). You can google Peek-a-Boo Slider Cards and/or visit Utube for easy instructions or copy/paste this link below. I did resize my card since my bunny image is small.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zhrg2zc5ocA.  


Be sure and check the Home Page, under Templates/Spring Time, for some really adorable Easter Templates and look at our brand new cardstock.  Now hop along and go make some beautiful Easter cards.  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna


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Donna’s Whopper, L.I. Template L9305.


Our weather here in San Diego has been so crazy … crazy enough to turn a simple cold into a whopper … and I do mean a HUGE WHOPPER.  As I am healing from this miserable cold (and now my hubby has it), here’s a quick look at one of my very favorite templates from Lasting Impressions.  I can’t begin to tell you how many cards I have made using M19, Sketch Frames.  First I use the Colored Impressions’ Software to print the basic layout on white cardstock and then I add an embossed image.  Here are two examples of this very easy, and very quick, idea:


Donna’s Hello Daisy, L.I. Templates M19, L9188.


Donna’s Hi Lady, L.I. Templates M19, L9188.


Let your imagination run wild and see how many L.I. embossed images you can mount on this layout … and make a few whoppers of your own!


Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna




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Barbara’s Valentine Gumball Hearts, L.I. Template #L9778


Hi everyone. Christmas is behind us; the New Year has begun; and, gosh it’s February already and a great time to make someone’s day by sending them a homemade card to let them know they are loved and appreciated.  Have you make any Valentines yet?  If you haven’t had a chance to do so, here are some card ideas that I hope will inspire you.  So, pick up your stylus, your templates and cardstock and do some embossing.  A card filled with love can be sent any time of the year … go spread some love!

Embossing joys and Valentine hugs, 🙂 Donna

L.I. Template #L9453
L.I. Template #L9629
L.I. Template #L9451
L.I. Template #L9585
L.I. Template #L9633
L.I. Template #L9454
L.I. Template #L9452
L.I. Template #L9378
L.I. Template #L9462
L.I. Template #L9634


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Christmas to me is all about family, friends, and sharing the holiday spirit.  Here are just a few “oldies but goodies” I would like to share with you and from all of us at Lasting Impressions … we are wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy, Crafty New Year!  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


Kaye's Christmas Tag
Kaye’s Christmas Tag
Kaye's money tree
Kaye’s money tree
Barbara's Poinsettia
Barbara’s Poinsettia
Marian's Red Robin
Marian’s Red Cardinal
Barbara's Reindeer
Barbara’s Reindeer
L.I. Christmas Cake Delight
L.I. Christmas Cake Delight
L.I. Christmas Wreath
L.I. Christmas Wreath
Donna's Poinsettia
Donna’s Poinsettia
L.I. Snowgal
L.I. Snowgal
L.I. Frosty's Hat
L.I. Frosty’s Hat
Donna's Christmas Thank You
Donna’s Christmas Thank You



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Oh my goodness, how time flies!  Christmas is around the corner and Fall is upon us everywhere but in San Diego!  We are still having lovely summer weather and Christmas shopping is the last thing on my mind.  I think I’m in trouble!  🙂  Here’s a look at some Fall ideas before Barbara and I start posting Christmas.  And why haven’t we done that already?  Because the winter holidays are sneaking up on me while I’m running around in shorts!  Yikes.  Happy Fall Embossing, 🙂  Donna

Barbara's Puppy Patch, L.I. Templates #L9579, L9533
Barbara’s Puppy Patch, L.I. Templates #L9579, L9533
Barbara's Pumpkin Platter, L.I. Templates #L9416
Barbara’s Pumpkin Platter, L.I. Templates #L9416
Barbara's Turkey Door Hanger, L.I. #L9151
Barbara’s Turkey Door Hanger, L.I. #L9151
Donna's Pumpkin Harvest, L.I. Template #L9613
Donna’s Pumpkin Harvest, L.I. Template #L9613
Kaye's Fall Card Kit - Please See Home Page for details.
Kaye’s Fall Card Kit – Please See Home Page for details.


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Good morning everyone!  Halloween continues at our house and I now have my decorations up and I am ready to send my Halloween Cards!  Here are a few of my card ideas and I hope they will inspire you!


Donna's Hi Ghost, L.I. Template #L9071 and L9533.
Donna’s Hi Ghost, L.I. Template #L9071 and #L9533.
Donna's Bat, L.I. Template #L99619
Donna’s Bat, L.I. Template #L99619 and #S544
Donna's Rip, L.I. Template #L9525 and L9323
Donna’s Rip, L.I. Template #L9525 and #L9323
Donna's Polka Dot Bat, L.I. Template #L9317 and #S544
Donna’s Polka Dot Bat, L.I. Template #L9317 and #S544
Donna's Love Potion Bubble Bath, L.I. Template #L9421 and #L9339
Donna’s Love Potion Bubble Bath, L.I. Template #L9421 and #L9339
Donna's Witch Way, L.I. Template #L9614 and #L9414
Donna’s Witch Way, L.I. Template #L9614 and #L9414

Don’t forget Kaye’s class, Thursday night, if you live in the Utah neighborhood. Look on the Home Page for further details.  If you have any questions about the cards above or you live near me, in San Diego, and care to join me in a class, please e-mail me at Luv2Emboss@aol.com.  Happy Halloween Embossing, 🙂  Donna


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Me for Blog

Good morning everyone.  Will you have Trick or Treaters this year at your home?  I live in San Diego and the driveway to my house would have the best athlete gasping for air at the top!  It’s long and steep.  Consequently, we do not have any trick or treaters on Halloween night!  The driveway “scares” most people … even little kids!  I am not happy, of course, so I decorate my house anyway, and make lots of Halloween cards to make up for the lack of kiddos!  🙂  And do I still buy candy?  Of course … just in case someone actually makes it to the top!  LOL  Here are some adorable over-the-top card ideas from Barbara and look for my Halloween Cards in the next couple of days::



Barbara's Trick or Treat Bag, L.I. #L9671
Barbara’s Trick or Treat Bag, L.I. Template #L9671
Barbara's Mummy, L.I. Template #L9425
Barbara’s Mummy, L.I. Template #L9425
Barbara's Trick or Treat Pumpkin Bags, L.I. Template #L9671 & #L9672
Barbara’s Trick or Treat Pumpkin Bags, L.I. Template #L9671, #L9672, and #S545
Barbara's Witch Tag, L.I. Template #L9421
Barbara’s Witch Tag, L.I. Template #L9421
Barbara's Halloween Graveyard, L.I. Template #L9421, L9525, and S704
Barbara’s Halloween Graveyard Door Hanger, L.I. Template #L9421,#L9525, and # S704

Happy Halloween Embossing, 🙂  Donna

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