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Oh my goodness … have you seen the latest from Lasting Impressions?  I am so “impressed” with these adorable decorated crayon boxes!  Take a peek:

Lasting Impressions’ Crayon Gift Boxes.


Aren’t these the cutest way to give a gift for Halloween, for Fall or for Christmas?  What I love is that the boxes are double sided and the inside of the box is just as colorful and fun as the outside of the box.  They are simple to put together and ready to decorate.  Visit the Home Page’s “New Products,” under the catalog section, and order your boxes today!  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


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Good afternoon everyone.  I know it may not seem like Fall to a lot of you and, certainly it does not here in San Diego, but the kids are now back in school and the Fall Season begins!  For those of you that live in Utah, perhaps you attended Kaye’s August or September Card Classes.  Both were amazing.  Here’s a peek at what she did:

Kaye’s August Card Class using L.I. Templates #L9465 & #L988.  This Kit has sold out.


Kaye’s September Card Class using L.I. Templates #L9708 & L9538.  This Kit is still available for purchase.  Check the Home Page.


Barbara has been working on ideas using the new “wood” cardstock and here’s a couple of samples from her:

Barbara’s Popsicle Tag using L.I. Templates #S439 & #L9632.  I love her color scheme and all the ribbons!
Barbara’s Flower Pot, L.I. Templates #L1055 & #L528.


Barbara’s Thank You using L.I. Templates #L980 & #L945.  I love the Blueberry flowers.  This card looks so rich!


I decided to make samples from Kaye’s September Card Class Templates.  Here is what I did with the Plant Kindness Template and the Apple Cider Jug:

Donna’s Plant Kindness using L.I. Template #L9708. I love the soft colors and the Gingham paper!


Donna’s Apple Cider Jug using L.I. Template #L9538.  I used red and green sequins to fill in with the tiny apples I made using Colored Impressions Software.  I embossed the jug and then cut the center out to make it a shaker card.


Do you have Fall Projects in mind?  If so, and you would like to possibly see them on the Blog, please send me your ideas at dndlane@aol.com or at Luv2Emboss@aol.com.  I would love to see them!  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna


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Donna’s Perfect Pumpkin, LI Temp #L9416.


Fall is just around the corner and that means pumpkin time.  How do you carve your pumpkins?  My favorite way is with a pair of scissors, a great pumpkin template design and some cardstock!  🙂  Here are a few carved pumpkins from the past.  Now go pick up a knife … oooops, I mean a stylus … and a pair of scissors AND create!   Embossing joy, 🙂  Donna

Barbara’s Bushel of Apples, LI Temp #L9540.
Kaye’s Pumpkins, LI Temp #L9613.
L.I. Pumpkin Patch, LI Temp #L9536.
L.I. Fall, Temp #L9537.
Donna’s Fall Card, LI Temp #L9418.
    Jan’s Happy Harvest Card, LI Temp #L9144.
Donna’s Happy Haunting Cemetery, LI Temp #s L9616 and S544.
Barbara’s Pumpkin Sign with Candy Corn Flowers, LI Temp #s L9533 and L9676.
Donna’s Pumpkin Harvest, LI Template #L9613.
Donna’s Rip, LI Temp #s L9525 and L9323.
Barbara’s Pumpkin Platter, LI Temp #L9416.
Barbara’s Puppy Patch, LI. Temp #s L9579, L9533.
Donna’s Hi Ghost, LI Temp #s L9071 and L9533.
Barbara’s LI Temp #L9763.
Kaye’s LI Pumpkin Temp #L9763.
Kaye’s LI Pumpkin Candle Temp #L9763.


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Oh my goodness, I just got these adorable, beautiful card ideas from Barbara!  I want to make every one of them. You will too!  🙂  Take a look.  Great job, Barbara, and thanks for the wonderful inspirations!  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


Barbara’s Deer in the Fir Tree Forest, LI Temp #s L9601. S874 and L9264. I love how Barbara tore the “snow” to make layers among the trees.  Layering the fir trees really gives them life.


Barbara’s Lantern, LI Temp #L9814. I love the colors!


Barbara’s Wreath, LI Temp #L9816.  I love the tiny sequins she used for the berries!


Barbara’s Fir Tree Forest, LI Temp #s L9601, S874, and L9671. Can you feel the chill in the air?  Nice touch with the moon, Barbara!



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Good morning everyone.  Lots of fun stuff coming out from LI including this new class by Kaye.  Look at these amazing cards:



Kaye’s August Embossing Class & Kit. LI Temp #s L9465 (Daisy & Ladybug) and L988 (Flower & Leaf).


Kaye has done a fabulous job highlighting these two templates!  The first one is actually a shadow box in that the frame, which she dotted with a thin black pen, is mounted on the flower image.  And I have always loved the black and white graph paper but I’ve never used it!  Wow … trust me, I will now.  Kaye’s class, if you are in the neighborhood, is on Thursday, August 16th at 6:30 p.m.  Please contact the office to make your reservation as seating is limited.  If you are unable to attend, you can purchase a kit, with full instructions, ON SALE NOW.  Go to the Home Page and click on “Kits.”  I will be thinking of ya, Kaye, and wishing I were there taking your class.  Stay tuned for more fun cards and projects coming up!  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


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Donna’s Barney, LI Temp #L9815.


Good evening everyone.  My classes are now complete and everyone enjoyed playing with LI’s new template “Barney” … me included!  I’ve paired him above with one of LI’s new wood papers, Barn Wood White Washed.  I really like how it turned out.  Take a look at these cute examples from Barbara.  She’s done a great job of show casing Barney!


Barbara’s Barney Tag, LI Temp #L9815 with “Vintage Love Plaid” background.
Barbara’s Barney, LI Temp #L9815 with Christmas Eve Linen background.


Barbara’s Barney, LI Temp L9815 with background printed with Colored Impression’s Software.  Adorable!


I enjoyed Barney so much that I made a Gable Box while I was visiting Lasting Impressions last week using Barney on one of the four sides of the box:


Donna’s Gable Box, LI Temps #L9081 Snowman and S874 Fir Tree.
Donna’s Gable Box, LI Temp #L9815 Barney.


Donna’s Gable Box, LI Temp #L9226 Dashing Through The Snow.
Donna’s Gable Box, LI Temp #L9817 Poinsettia.














Do you have your Barney yet?  I guarantee he will put a smile on your face.  He’s a happy guy.

Embossing joys,   🙂  Donna



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Barbara’s Thanks a Ton, L.I. Temp #L9214.


Good afternoon everyone!  I am back from my trip to Lasting Impressions in Utah and I have lots to share with you, including some very fun card samples.  First … “thanks a ton” to my dear Utah Sister, Kaye, for having me in her home for a week.  I don’t think we missed a day of laughing ourselves silly.  And laughter is so healing and I’ve heard that you can lose weight by laughing and if that’s true, I should be very skinny.  Here’s a typical meal for Kaye and I:

Oh gosh, these sundaes were so good and I so enjoyed my stay with Kaye, her puppy Scooter, and cats Luna and Mustache.

Another thank you to L.I. Owners Kerry and Lane Hill who provided me with a huge crafting table, light box, cardstock and templates to play with all week long and, play I did!  Here’s a photo of Kerry and Lane with one of the cards I made and I can’t wait to share the silly story behind this snowman card below.  Thank you Kerry and Lane:

Okay, now some card samples including this snowman!  When I first used this template in my classes, and being a “California Beach Gal” all my life, I didn’t realize that those white, fluffy things on either side of the snowman’s face were ear muffs.  I know, I know but, I saw them as some sort of snowballs stuck to the side of his head and the bar going across the top was his hat!  Good grief.:-(  Well, once a snow bunny in my class pointed out that they were ear muffs, I got it and came up with this card.  Trust me, a much better version than my original one!

Donna’s Snowman with ear muffs, L.I. Temp #L9519, with Senti-Metal “Have an Ice Day.”


Here are more card samples I made while at Lasting Impressions:

Donna’s Watering Can, L.I. Temp #L9005.
Donna’s Watering Can2, L.I. Temp #L9005.
Donna’s Watering Can3, L.I. Temp #L9005.
Donna’s Fir Trees, L.I. Temp #L9601 and #S874.
Donna’s Lantern, L.I. Temp #L9814.


I have lots more to share but running out of steam with a whole lot of laundry to do.  Sometimes, you need a vacation from the vacation!  More later.  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


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Good afternoon everyone!  I’m feeling particularly cheerful today … even with this hot, hot, hot weather (did I mention it’s hot here in San Diego?) because I am heading to Utah for a week.  First I will attend a Trade Show for three days and enjoy a couple of classes and then I’m off to see my friend Kaye at Lasting Impressions.  We have big plans, Kaye and I, including talking about the new L.I. templates coming out.  Have you all seen the new Alpha Template, “W is for …” featuring the cutest Whale!  OMG, I had such fun playing with the whale today and I have so many ideas running through my head on how to use him/her.  Here’s just a couple of samples from Teammate Barbara and from Me!  🙂

Barbara’s Whale1, L.I. Temp #L9812.


Barbara’s Whale2, L.I. Temp #L9812 and #S711.  I love that sun!


Barbara’s Whale3, L.I. Temp #L9812.


Donna’s Whale, L.I. Temp #L9812.


Donna’s Whale Step Card, L.I. Temp #L9812, along with Colored Impressions’ Software.


Have you seen what’s next?  An Adorable reindeer just in time for “Christmas in July.”  They decided to call him “Barney” after the new Barn Wood Collection, now available at L.I.  Go to the Home Page and look for the new Chalk Art Board and the adorable Round Tags that are available, with Barney!  And, if you are in the North Salt Lake area, please join Kaye, at Lasting Impressions, for her Embossing Class on Thursday, July 19th at 6:30 p.m.  I can’t wait to take her class!  Come play!   Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna

Barney the Reindeer, L.I. Temp #L9815.


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OMG … I see things moving really, really fast this year!  Here I sit in Texas in full view of the LBJ lake (which is gorgeous BTW) and totally forgot to post holiday cards on the Blog before I left San Diego!  Good grief.  Thankfully, I am supported by a wonderful teammate who sent me two adorable cards:

Barbara’s 4th of July Card, L.I. Temp #L9182.


Barbara’s 4th of July Pup, L.I. Temp #L9579 and #L9115.


Really nice job, Barbara.  Thank you so much.  I love the new papers!

More when I get back to San Diego.  In the meantime, I’m having a “whale of a time” here in Texas.  Happy 4th of July!  Embossing joys, 🙂 Donna


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Good morning everyone.  Have you had a chance to see the beautiful new papers yet?  Oh my goodness, I love the barn wood look.  Check out the “Farmhouse Collection” for a quick peek and then look at the individual colors in single sheets.  It’s hard to choose a favorite as they are all so beautiful.  Here’s a card that Kaye recently created for a L.I. customer.  I love the distressed look, don’t you?  Amazing job Kaye!  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna

Kaye’s L.I. Temp #L9064 United We Stand. The paper is Barn Wood –
Blueberry, Red Wagon and White Washed and Walnut Distress