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Barbara’s 2017 Christmas Card using L.I. Temp #L9521.


All of us at Lasting Impressions want to wish you Happy Holidays, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy New Year!


Embossing joys, ūüôā Donna


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Donna’s November Coaster Calendar, L.I. Temp #L9236.


Hmmmmmm, I can smell that turkey roasting already, can you? ¬†I love Thanksgiving and not just because I love turkey but, it’s also time to reflect on what we are most grateful for in our lives. ¬†Family and friends, of course, is right up there on top of my list and I bet you have lots to be grateful for as well. ¬†I’m grateful that my design teammate is so on top of things and has made these two adorable cards for the blog. ¬†Take at peek at what Barbara created and look at a few “oldies but goodies” I manage to find this morning while counting my “crafting blessings.” ¬†Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Donna


Barbara’s T-Day Hat, L.I. Temp #L9542.
Barbara’s T-Day Hat2, L.I. Temp #L9542.
L.I. Acorn, L.I. Temp #L9535.
L.I. Cider, L.I. Temp #L9538.
L.I. A Day of Thanks, L.I. Temp #L9540.
L.I. Fall, L.I. Temp #L9537.
L.I. Pumpkin Patch, L.I. Temp #L9536.
L.I. Turkey Time, L.I. Temp #L9539.


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Donna’s Lickety Splits Shaker Card, L.I. Temp #L9017.


Okay, okay … so it’s not quite winter yet but, here in San Diego, this much cooler weather is a blessing! ¬†And how I wish I could play in the snow. ¬†Hopefully, these adorable winter cards from L.I. customer and friend, Janell, will inspire more than a few of you to get busy with your winter cards:

Janell’s Santa and Snowman Shaker Card, L.I. Temp #L9770.

I am told that Janell used a die for her shaker card but you can easily use L.I. Love Jar, Temp #L9356 and “stretch” the length a bit to make it work for a shaker card! ¬†I love the idea and this adorable Santa and snowman image, don’t you?


Janell’s Poinsettia Card, L.I. Temp #’s L9356, L9037 and L9327. ¬†Isn’t this gorgeous?
Janell’s Flower Jar, L.I. Temp #’s, L9356, L9758, and S415.


Another one of my favorites from Janell is this really cute Flamingo Card below and the photo does not do it justice because what you can’t tell from this photo is the We R Memory Keepers’ Clearly Bold White Dot paper is see-thru. ¬†Trust me, it’s stunning in person with the clear white dot background … like snow falling outside your window. ¬†Hmmmmmm, what do I know … we don’t get snow here in San Diego but, I can use my imagination. ¬†LOL ¬†How about you? ¬†Great job, Janell, and thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us! ¬† Embossing joys, ūüôā Donna

Janell’s Flamingo, L.I. Temp #L9803.



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Oh my goodness … I find myself dragging my feet these days. ¬†Do you ever feel that way too? ¬†I think it has to do with our crazy weather here in San Diego … at least that’s my excuse. ¬†Halloween is around the corner and while teammate Barbara has some darling Halloween Cards made, I’ve only just begun. ¬†Seems ridiculous since my Halloween decorations have been up for a month! Where are my cards? ¬†LOL ¬†Thankfully, I had extra time over the weekend and came up with a few ideas:


I really like the spooky cemetery look of this template and the cute rod iron fence. ¬†I actually printed the fence using our Colored Impressions’ Software and then embossed it. ¬†I tore the brown paper to create a nice edge above the wording which I also printed and embossed. ¬†I most often finish the look of my cards with my faux stitching and I think it adds here a little something on a white card base. ¬†Donna’s Happy Haunting Cemetery, L.I. Temp #L9616 and #S544.


OMG … I saw this sentiment on a sign and I knew I had to use it on a card! ¬†I haven’t stopped laughing. ¬†Donna’s Broom Frog, L.I. Temp #L9802 and #L9726.


Who doesn’t like a witches’ brew and does anyone remember the song? ¬†Donna’s Potion #9, L.I. Temp #9339.


My craft friend Jan made this beautiful card, printing the image from our Colored Impressions’ Software, in black and white, and she colored the image with her Copic Markers. ¬†The Software is a great tool to use with your markers or colored pencils. ¬†Didn’t she do a fabulous job? ¬†Jan’s Happy Harvest Card, L.I. Temp #L9144.


And here’s another example of Jan’s creativity, using once again the Software and her Copic Markers. ¬†I posted this card on our Father’s Day Blog but ¬†I think it would make a great Fall Card, don’t you? ¬†Jan’s Father’s Day Scarecrow, L.I. Template #L1023.


Last but not least, here’s an “oldie but goodie” Fall card I did years ago. I can only imagine how great this design would be using today’s L.I. beautiful cardstock! ¬†Donna’s Fall Pumpkin, L.I. Temp #L9418.


Happy fall everyone! ¬†With embossing joys, ūüôā Donna


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Donna’s October Coaster Calendar, L.I. Template #L9071.


Happy October everyone! ¬†OMG … this year is going by way too fast. ¬†However, I am delighted to see October arrive¬†because it’s my birthday month and one of my favorite holidays. ¬†Here’s just a peek of¬†fun things coming up this month:


Kaye’s Thursday Night Card Kit, L.I. Template #’s L9532, L9425 and L9725. Contact L.I. for more class info.


Kaye’s Moon and Bats, L.I. Template #S851 and wording Template #W5008.


Barbara’s Ghost/Cat Basket, L.I. Template #’s L9422 and L9540. 


Barbara’s Ghost, L.I. Template #’s L9154 and L9422.


Barbara’s Trick or Treat Bag, L.I. Template #’s L9671 and S487.


What is your favorite holiday and are you making some Halloween Cards? ¬†We would love to see them. ¬†Embossing joys, ūüôā Donna


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Good morning everyone. ¬†i can’t quite believe I am finally saying this but, “Fall is in the air” and OMG it feels soooooo good! ¬†To help celebrate our cooler weather, here are some adorable fall cards from our Design Team at Lasting Impressions. ¬†Enjoy and happy Fall embossing. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Donna

Kaye’s Pumpkins, L.I. Temp #L9613.
Barbara’s Apples, L.I. Temp #L9538.
Barbara’s Pumpkin Sign with Candy Corn Flowers, L.I. Temp #L9533 and #L9676.
Barbara’s Bushel of Apples, L.I. Temp #L9540.
Barbara’s Apple Cider, L.I. Temp #L9538 and #L9617.
Donna’s Sweet Corn, L.I. Temp #L9541.
Donna’s Fall, L.I. Temp #L9677.
Donna’s Perfect Pumpkin, L.I. Temp #L9416.
Donna’s School Days, L.I. Temp #L9240 and #S571.


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Good afternoon everyone. ¬†Kaye at Lasting Impressions had a class last week using L.I. Template #L9372, entitled “Just Because.” ¬†Here is the very fun card she created for her class:

Kaye’s Just Because, L.I. Template #L9372.


I love the yellow and grey cardstock she used and the very clever layout. Don’t you just love polka-dots? ¬†Then Barbara and I decided to add our two cents, “just because,” and came up with these two samples:

Barbara’s Just Because, L.I. Template #L9372.


Don’t you love the pink and orange colors and the clever way she used the sentiment. ¬†Now here’s my version:

Donna’s Just Because, L.I. Template #L9372.


I used the Colored Impressons’ Software to print and emboss the “Just Because” wording and then left just enough space on the bottom of my card for the rest of the sentiment I wanted to add. ¬†I embossed the “orange” image twice … once on orange cardstock and then a second time I cut out sections of the orange for the image done using Peach cardstock and layered the sections on top. ¬†I used L.I. Template #L9790 for the leaves. ¬†I hope you will give this very fun template a try and come up with your own version, just because! ¬†Happy embossing, ūüôā ¬†Donna


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Hello everyone from a very hot San Diego! ¬†Yep, we are experiencing weather in the high 90’s and 100’s and I could sure use some cold weather! ¬†Speaking of which, recently I pinch a winter project I saw on a company called Simple Stories ( and I knew I had to do it using Lasting Impressions’ beautiful cardstock. ¬†The original project was designed by Julie Johnson from Paisleys & Polka Dots, for Simple Stories, and what a beautiful, fun project it turned out to be and she’s a fabulous designer. ¬†Here is my version of her Winter Snowmen. ¬†I so enjoyed putting it together:


Donna’s Winter Snowmen Project using L.I. Temp #’s S677, S853, L9265, L9252, L9227, L9441, L9461, and Colored Impressions’ Software for the wording.


Embossing joys, ūüôā ¬†Donna


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Good morning everyone. ¬†Yep, it’s still hot, hot, hot in San Diego and I definitely have the fans blowing, ice cold lemonade in one hand and my stylus in the other ¬†… trying to complete part 2 of my Christmas Card samples. ¬†I hope we’ve inspired you to emboss a few and stay cool!


Donna’s Happy Holly Days, L.I. Temp #L9599.


Donna’s Joy, L.I. Temp #S556.


Donna’s Warm Wishes using Copic Colored Image, L.I. Temp #L997.


Donna’s Noel, L.I. Temp #S527.


Donna’s Santa and Noel, L.I. Temp #S751 and #S529.


Embossing joys, ūüôā Donna



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Time to add some wonderful card inspirations from Barbara!  What a great job she does and I bet you will want to go emboss some Christmas Cards of your very own once you take a peek at these.  I know I did!

Barbara’s Snow Gal, L.I. Temp #L9435.


Barbara’s Snowman, L.I. Temp #L9598.


Barbara’s Oh Christmas Tree, L.I. Temp #L9680.


Barbara’s Tall Hat Snowman, L.I. Temp #L9342.


Thanks for stopping by! ¬†Embossing joys, ūüôā Donna

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