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Donna’s Barney, LI Temp #L9815.


Good evening everyone.  My classes are now complete and everyone enjoyed playing with LI’s new template “Barney” … me included!  I’ve paired him above with one of LI’s new wood papers, Barn Wood White Washed.  I really like how it turned out.  Take a look at these cute examples from Barbara.  She’s done a great job of show casing Barney!


Barbara’s Barney Tag, LI Temp #L9815 with “Vintage Love Plaid” background.
Barbara’s Barney, LI Temp #L9815 with Christmas Eve Linen background.


Barbara’s Barney, LI Temp L9815 with background printed with Colored Impression’s Software.  Adorable!


I enjoyed Barney so much that I made a Gable Box while I was visiting Lasting Impressions last week using Barney on one of the four sides of the box:


Donna’s Gable Box, LI Temps #L9081 Snowman and S874 Fir Tree.
Donna’s Gable Box, LI Temp #L9815 Barney.


Donna’s Gable Box, LI Temp #L9226 Dashing Through The Snow.
Donna’s Gable Box, LI Temp #L9817 Poinsettia.














Do you have your Barney yet?  I guarantee he will put a smile on your face.  He’s a happy guy.

Embossing joys,   🙂  Donna


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