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Donna’s “I Love You” Cut Outs from LI and sentiments.

Good morning everyone.  The older I get (now 74!), the more I realize how very important it is to tell your friends and family members how much you care for them.  I made the sweet and very simple card above using Lasting Impressions’ new Cut Outs.  I really like this new set of Cut Outs and they certainly make creating a beautiful card … easy peasy!   I’m laughing now because I am always telling my classes that a card they are about to make is “easy peasy” and they laugh at me because it looks difficult to them.  Really?   Honestly, these Cut Outs are easy peasy to use!  Here are some cards I made this week and stay tuned for another Blog update on Friday … sort of a “Make-Over Challenge!”

Donna’s “Always & Forever” card using LI Templates #L9627, #L9097, i199 and Cut Out Sentiment.
Donna’s “LOVE” card using LI Template #L9092 and Love Senti-Metal.
Donna’s “Roses are Red” card using LI Templates #L9358, #L9349 and ROSES Senti-Metal.
Donna’s “Happy Birthday” card using LI Templates #L1037, #L9349 and happy birthday Cut Out.
Donna’s Valentine from LI’s  “From the Heart Card Kit.”  LI’s Card Kits are wonderful and so easy to put together.  In this Kit, you create 3 beautiful Valentines.  This is #1.
Donna’s Valentine #2 from LI’s “From the Heart Card Kit.”
Donna’s Valentine #3 from LI’s “From the Heart Card Kit.”

I’d like to leave you with one more idea.  Remember if you own the Colored Impressions Software, you can print the images on your envelopes!  Kaye just finished a class last week using Template #L9697 and if you attended that class (or own this template already), here is an example of how you can decorate your envelope:

It’s “easy peasy!”  Happy embossing, 🙂  Donna.

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