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1. GET started

Most often this is the trickiest part. Our workbooks give you a place to record, organize and format your Personal History complete with story prompts, tips & guides.

With a simple click you are ready to get started. 3 styles to choose from. (Days Gone By pictured on Right)

Why wait? Get started today!

FREE tools to help you get started

(While you wait for the mailman to bring your workbooks)

A simple printable form used to keep track of individuals and their info.  This will help your readers know the people in your story.  You may want to organize them in a binder for easy reference for you and others.


These tips will make starting easier. We want to make writing your personal history quick, easy & fun.


Looking for a different twist... join our One Word, One Story challenge.  Check out each week's word on our blog and be surprised where it takes you.

2. Begin writing

Your new workbooks are the perfect tool to start the fun, simple and easy process of writing your personal history.  As you begin filling in your timeline, you'll be amazed how thoughts link to thoughts and the memories that flood your mind.  Before you know it, you'll have your stories organized and written. 

The My Story kit includes:

My Story Timeline (also sold separately): Finally 1 place to keep track of events, milestones, travels, etc.  100 pages (consider 1 page per year) subtly divided into 12 sections.  Keep it close so you can continually update the pages as you remember dates and new events happen.   The Timeline is a great springboard to your stories.  Feel free to add historical events and community events.

My Story Organizer: A place to organize (by category/chapter if desired) and keep track of stories that you recall until a later date when you have time to write the story

My Book of Lists: A perfect place to keep track of lists of things you have done, want to do, favorites etc.

Hows and Whys:  24 pages of guides, suggestions, instructions, story starters and prompts.


3. SHARE your story

As Reported in the NY Times

"The bottom line: if you want a happier family, create, refine and retell the story of your family’s positive moments and your ability to bounce back from the difficult ones. That act alone may increase the odds that your family will thrive for many generations to come." (read more)

How to Share:

As with the article quoted above, I couldn't wish for anything more than to have my family benefit from my life's experiences.  Of course there are many ways to share our stories, but there is nothing like sitting down and reading a book, whether it's together or as individuals.  What better book could they read than your story... and no worries about lost or corrupt files. See more information about printed books below.


Photo Books



When should I print my book? That's the tricky part, hopefully we will continue to add to our story but we don't want to wait to share it.  Ideally you would want to print multiple books.  Why you ask....  your story is of most value when you can share it with others, including yourself.  Quite often this is when we stumble, we want it to be completely finished (not going to happen) or wait until it is perfect (not going to happen). Go ahead and take the plunge, maybe try a smaller book first with just stories from your childhood, or your teen years.  Don't wait.... start sharing now!  BE Brave, you'll be so glad, even if it's not perfect... only you will know and nobody else cares.  Once printed it can become an heirloom for generations.



IMAGINE your story in print

Your story, IF WRITTEN, will entertain, encourage, AND even teach your readers.  We are here to make it easy for you!

Personalized Books,  A Treasured Keepsake 

Each photo book is handcrafted out of top-quality archival materials at an affordable price.

Why print a Book? Imagine sitting with your child or grandchild and sharing your life stories and pictures with them.  There couldn't be a better bed time story.  More importantly what if you're not still here... I wished I had my parents stories to read.

How Many Pages? That is a personal choice, however we recommend 150 pages or less per volume. We can print up to 300 pages. Larger books might be hard to manage and may seem overwhelming.  Books with fewer pages filled with short stories seem to be ideal for readers.

Selecting software

If you are going to use the computer and want to have your Personal History printed as a book, you will need to select a software that will allow you to create a  pdf or individual pages as a jpg.  Here are a couple of recommendations:

Microsoft Word:  Word is a great program to use, especially if you will be having lots of text or journaling on your pages.  See instructions and video helps here.

MemoryMixer: MemoryMixer is a great software if you want to have more control on the layout and look of your page.  You are able to add as many photos, embellishments and text as you'd like.  MemoryMixer isn't as strong as Word in text formatting abilities.   Learn more about MemoryMixer and its features.

Other Software: Of course you can use other software that you are familiar with.  Check out file and layout specifications here.

Photos in a box?

Millions of photos are lost every day due to natural disasters, moisture & light.  Our High-Speed DIY or Full Service Scanning make it so fast and EASY!  Imagine scanning 1000 photos in less than 2 hours.  Once they are scanned it is so easy to organize, protect and share them.

Want to duplicate or condense?

Only have 1 scrapbook.   No reason to fight over who gets the scrapbook, now you can scan and create photobooks.... enough to share.  We make it easy to duplicate or condense your scrapbooks.

Please note, the photobook pictured to the left is a duplicate of the scrapbook it is sitting on.