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Good morning everyone.  If you haven’t looked at Lasting Impressions home page recently, or received their Newsletter, than you may not know there’s a lot going on at Lasting Impressions.  Here’s just a peek:

Embossing Card Kit and Printed Bow Patterns
L.I. new Kit & Printed Papers

This soda kit is absolutely “delicious” and the cardstock for the bows is adorable.  I can’t wait to get mine.  I love the double-sided paper, don’t you?  Next we have new templates!  Here are a few sample cards:

L.I. new Cardstock and Templates
Barbara's L.I. Template #L9790.
Barbara’s L.I. Template #L9790.
Barbara's L.I. Template #L9790.
Barbara’s L.I. Template #L9790.
Barbara's L.I. Templatte #L9787 and
Barbara’s L.I. Templatte #L9787 and #L9269
Debbie's L.I. Template #L9456
Debbie’s L.I. Template #L9456
Kaye's L.I. Template #L9660.
Kaye’s L.I. Template #L9660 with French Blue Quatrefoil, French Blue Reversed Polka Dots, French Blue Mini Dots, Black Canvas, Candles Flames embossed on Daylilly Solid, Happy birthday printed on Off-White Vellum, and name printed on Natural Canvas.

And last, but certainly not least, I just have to show you Kaye’s Mother’s Day Class samples.  It sold out immediately and I am not surprised.  Take a look at these beautiful cards:

Kaye's Lasting Impressions'  Mother's Day Class Kit.
Kaye’s Lasting Impressions’ Mother’s Day Class Kit.

Please visit Lasting Impressions Home Page to see more fun projects, card kits, templates and beautiful paper!  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


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