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Barbara’s Trick-or-Treaters, LI Templates #L9318 and S545.


Good evening one and all.  Have I told you how much I love Halloween?  I love watching the little kids come trick-or-treating!  However, for the last 30 years we have had not one single trick-or-treater come to our door … not one!  We have a very long, very dark driveway some 300 feet from the street and it’s a horrible climb!  Ugh  So, in sharing a holiday that I dearly love, here are a few ideas from Barbara, Kaye, and Karie:


Barbara’s Bat, LI Template #L9619, plus Card Expressions #26 and Card Cut Outs.


Barbara’s Ghost, LI Templates #L9043, L9215 and L9757.


Barbara’s Creepy Crawly, LI Templates #L9419, L9671, M14, and M15.


Kaye’s Card Kit, LI Templates #L529, L9267 and Card Expressions #26.


Karie’s Halloween Gnome, LI Template #L9826 and Card Expressions #26.


Boo-To-You from all of us at Lasting Impressions.  🙂  Donna


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