Registration is open for Camp Emboss-a-Lot

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We are so excited for camp.  I hope you can join us, whether you are new to embossing or a pro, we’re going to have lots of fun.  Gather your friends and watch live or at your convenience.  Camp Calendar will be posted soon.

Just a few details about registration:

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To register, purchase the Camp Emboss-a-Lot Supplies.  You’re welcome to come for the week or 3.  However there is a special offer if you purchase all 3 weeks.  You will also receive a BONUS journal full of project photos, recipes & more. 
If a template had been released prior, we have listed them separately in the Camp Emboss-a-Lot shop found under “catalog”.  We have also placed other optional items like buttons, etc.  
Order soon to save your place.  We will send additional camp details the end of this week.   
                           Happy Embossing,

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Week 1 Nature’s Calling

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