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Summer has definitely come to San Diego … in a very BIG way!  We’ve had temperatures in the 100’s all week long and today it will be “just” 90+ so I am looking forward to that.  “What?” you say.  I know, crazy, huh?  Well Barbara’s summer images sure make it easier … at least on the eye.  Take a peek at these adorable cards she made with some very fun “oldies but goodies!”  Happy embossing and stay cool, 🙂  Donna.


Barbara's Summer Fun, L.I. Template #L9260.
Barbara’s Summer Fun, L.I. Template #L9260 and S509.
Barbara's Popsicles, L.I. Template #S439
Barbara’s Popsicles, L.I. Template #S439.
Barbara's Cool Ice Cream, L.I. Template #S440.
Barbara’s Cool Ice Cream, L.I. Template #S440.
Barbara's Popsicle Kisses, L.I. Template #
Barbara’s Popsicle Kisses, L.I. Template #S439.
Barbara's Cool Birthday, L.I. Template #
Barbara’s Cool Summer, L.I. Template #S439.
Barbara’s Sweet Life, L.I. Template #S439.
Barbara’s Enjoy the Flavor, L.I. Template #S439.

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