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Barbara’s Thanks a Ton, L.I. Temp #L9214.


Good afternoon everyone!  I am back from my trip to Lasting Impressions in Utah and I have lots to share with you, including some very fun card samples.  First … “thanks a ton” to my dear Utah Sister, Kaye, for having me in her home for a week.  I don’t think we missed a day of laughing ourselves silly.  And laughter is so healing and I’ve heard that you can lose weight by laughing and if that’s true, I should be very skinny.  Here’s a typical meal for Kaye and I:

Oh gosh, these sundaes were so good and I so enjoyed my stay with Kaye, her puppy Scooter, and cats Luna and Mustache.

Another thank you to L.I. Owners Kerry and Lane Hill who provided me with a huge crafting table, light box, cardstock and templates to play with all week long and, play I did!  Here’s a photo of Kerry and Lane with one of the cards I made and I can’t wait to share the silly story behind this snowman card below.  Thank you Kerry and Lane:

Okay, now some card samples including this snowman!  When I first used this template in my classes, and being a “California Beach Gal” all my life, I didn’t realize that those white, fluffy things on either side of the snowman’s face were ear muffs.  I know, I know but, I saw them as some sort of snowballs stuck to the side of his head and the bar going across the top was his hat!  Good grief.:-(  Well, once a snow bunny in my class pointed out that they were ear muffs, I got it and came up with this card.  Trust me, a much better version than my original one!

Donna’s Snowman with ear muffs, L.I. Temp #L9519, with Senti-Metal “Have an Ice Day.”


Here are more card samples I made while at Lasting Impressions:

Donna’s Watering Can, L.I. Temp #L9005.
Donna’s Watering Can2, L.I. Temp #L9005.
Donna’s Watering Can3, L.I. Temp #L9005.
Donna’s Fir Trees, L.I. Temp #L9601 and #S874.
Donna’s Lantern, L.I. Temp #L9814.


I have lots more to share but running out of steam with a whole lot of laundry to do.  Sometimes, you need a vacation from the vacation!  More later.  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna

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