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Donna’s HOME Bunny!


Oh gosh, April is here already.  The birds are singing, the flowers are beautiful and our San Diego weather could not be better.  And guess what?  The bunny is headed our way.  To prove that, Barbara has made some absolutely adorable tags for spring and Easter.  Take a look:


Barbara’s Bunny Tag, L.I. Tamplates #L9185 and #L9190.  I love the new pink flower background and the adorable bow on the bunny.
Barbara’s Ladybug Tag, L.I. Templates #L9465 and #L9190.  Our beautiful new flower background paper is perfect for this Lady!  Great job with the twist-apart tag.
Barbara’s Chick, L.I. Templates #L9744 and #L9190.  I think this is my favorite tag!  I love the flower shell and the papers all work so well together.  That chick is adorable and looks like Easter to me!  🙂


Barbara’s Ladybug Tag, L.I. Templates #L9188 and #L9190.  Again, our new flower paper works so well as a background!
Barbara’s Red Rose Tag, L.I. Template #L9379.  Gorgeous!
Barbara’s Happy Birthday Tag, L.I. Templates #L9348 and #L9190.  Barbara also used a sentiment from our Card Expressions.  Be sure and check them out.


I am sure you all will agree, Barbara did a great job with her tags.  Stay tune because in a day or two I will post the cards she did.  Barbara was truly on a roll.  Embossing Spring Joys, 🙂  Donna

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