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Good morning everyone.  Will you have Trick or Treaters this year at your home?  I live in San Diego and the driveway to my house would have the best athlete gasping for air at the top!  It’s long and steep.  Consequently, we do not have any trick or treaters on Halloween night!  The driveway “scares” most people … even little kids!  I am not happy, of course, so I decorate my house anyway, and make lots of Halloween cards to make up for the lack of kiddos!  🙂  And do I still buy candy?  Of course … just in case someone actually makes it to the top!  LOL  Here are some adorable over-the-top card ideas from Barbara and look for my Halloween Cards in the next couple of days::



Barbara's Trick or Treat Bag, L.I. #L9671
Barbara’s Trick or Treat Bag, L.I. Template #L9671
Barbara's Mummy, L.I. Template #L9425
Barbara’s Mummy, L.I. Template #L9425
Barbara's Trick or Treat Pumpkin Bags, L.I. Template #L9671 & #L9672
Barbara’s Trick or Treat Pumpkin Bags, L.I. Template #L9671, #L9672, and #S545
Barbara's Witch Tag, L.I. Template #L9421
Barbara’s Witch Tag, L.I. Template #L9421
Barbara's Halloween Graveyard, L.I. Template #L9421, L9525, and S704
Barbara’s Halloween Graveyard Door Hanger, L.I. Template #L9421,#L9525, and # S704

Happy Halloween Embossing, 🙂  Donna

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