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Donna’s Home Wood Project for January using LI Cardstock.


It has recently been brought to my attention, twice no less, that I neglected to show off my January HOME wood project.  It’s crazy but I feel like the year is already whizzing by and I somehow missed the entire month of January.  Where did it go?  And for the last week, time has really flown by as Barbara and I are busily embossing some “sweet” ideas to show you for Valentine’s Day, using LI’s beautiful cardstock!  Here are cards from Barbara and I will post my cards tomorrow.  So stay tuned!


Barbara’s 3 Hearts, LI Template #L9459.  Three is company and never a crowd when it comes to this lovely template!
Barbara’s Big Heart #1, LI Templates #L9460 and #S669.  I love the new wood grain paper she used!
Barbara’s XOXO heart, LI Templates #L9545 and #L9692.  I am a HUGE fan of pink and brown!  I can’t help it.  🙂
Barbara’s Heart Fleur, LI Templates #L9696 and #L9462.  I love the new flower and wording background paper Barbara used here.  Gorgeous card, so elegant!  🙂


Barbara’s Valentine Letter, LI Template #L9544.  This template design has been around for quite some time and definitely a keeper for any letter you might send!
Barbara’s Lavender Heart, LI Templates #L9453 and #L9462.  I love the papers Barbara used for this card … especially the small flower print in the bow!  So pretty.  And here’s the same bow from this template that Barbara used for a Valentine last year!  It’s fun to use “parts” of a template and mix it up!  Great job, Barbara!


Barbara’s Love Valentine, LI Templates #L9782 and #L9453.  Adorable.  And here’s Barbara’s last Valentine card sample:
Barbara’s Big Heart #2, LI Templates #L9469, #S669 and #B216.


See you tomorrow for more Valentine samples.  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna



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