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Good afternoon everyone.  Today is day two of LI Valentines.  I had so much fun creating new ideas with our latest release of beautiful cardstock.  I am particularly fond of this release because it reminds me of cardstock I used when I first started with LI some 19 years ago!  Amazing it has been that long.  Here are my ideas.  I hope they will inspire you.  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna


Donna’s Thanks Hearts, LI Template #L1037 and Card Expressions’ “thanks” sentiment.


Donna’s Thinking of You, LI Template #L9358 and Card Expressions’ “thinking of you” sentiment.


Donna’s He Loves Me, LI Templates #L9462 and #L9632.


Donna’s Key to my Heart, LI Template #L9357 and Senti-Metal “Keys to a Happy Life: Love, Laughter, and each other.”


Donna’s Heart Fleur, LI Template #9696 and Card Expressions “thinking of you.”


Donna’s LOVE, LI Templates #L9633, #L1039 and #L1039 for the small flower.


Donna’s Love Notes, LI Templates #L9462 and #S669.


Donna’s True Love, LI Template #L9632.

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