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Good afternoon everyone!  I am so behind and Christmas is creeping up on me and speaking of “creeping,” stay tuned for some “creepy” and fall cards and projects coming soon.  In the meantime, however, I wanted to post some ideas from our viewers who participated in our Camp-Emboss-A-Lot.  Oh my goodness, wasn’t that fun and have you noticed that Kerry has continued with her video classes on our home page?  Check it out and here’s some darling projects and a big THANK YOU for all of you who participated in Camp-Emboss-A-Lot.  Happy Embossing, 🙂  Donna

Sharon’s Camp Gnome Sweet Gnome
Tami’s Camp Christmas Gnome
Tessa’s Camp Bee Happy
Sharon’s Camp Let it Snow
Marian’s Camp Christmas Gnome
Sharon’s Camp Tiki Feathers
Tessa’s Camp S’mores
Sharon’s Camp Sandals
Sharon’s Camp Tiki Flowers
Tessa’s Camp Beehive
Tessa’s Camp Bucky
Tessa’s Camp Ladybug & Bee
Sharon’s Camp Flowers
Tessa’s camp Tiki Thanks Flower
Tessa’s Camp Merry Christmas
Sharon’s Camp Bucky
Donna’s Camp Flowers with new Coconut Template
Sharon’s Camp Bee Candy
Tessa’s Camp Tiki
Tessa’s Camp Tiki Tags
Sharon’s Camp ladybug
Tessa’s Camp Tiki Flowers
Tessa’s Camp Bee
Sharon’s Camp Tags
Tessa’s Camp Bee Jars


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